Month Date written Team Brief circulated to all employees via email Date cascade begins from Pro-Vice Chancellors and Professional Services Directors Ideal window for all onward cascades to be completed – both for academics and professional services colleagues Executive talks
September Monday 26 September Monday 26 September Friday 7 October  






Friday 28 October



Monday 31 October



Friday 11 November

Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 October 

Vice-Chancellor all-staff talk

Full details

November  Friday 25 November  Monday 28 November  Friday 9 December

 Friday 25 November to Thursday 1 December

 Registrar talk to all professional services staff

Full details


                                                    No Team Brief in December 2016


January  Friday 13 January  Monday 16 January  Friday 27 January  
February  Friday 24 February  Monday 27 February  Friday 10 March  
March  Friday 24 March  Monday 27 March  Friday 7 April  
April                                                     No Team Brief in April 2017
May  Friday 12 May  Monday 15 May  Friday 29 May  
June  Friday 9 June  Monday 12 June  Friday 23 June  
July                                                      No Team Brief in July 2017
August                                                    No Team Brief in August 2017