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Self-Referral to Occupational Health

Self referral

The Occupational Health service (OH) accepts self-referrals from UoE employees who would like to talk informally and confidentially about their health, including concerns over physical health, mental health and stress, or a disability.

After you make initial contact by email, one of the OH team will contact you to discuss the situation or arrange an appointment for you. Appointments will either be face to face (usually in Hope Hall on the Streatham campus or on the Penryn campus) or via telephone or Teams (audio or video). This would normally be a single appointment.    

Please note that OH reports are not routinely produced following a self-referral. Where health is impacting on work or work on health, employees are encouraged to discuss this in confidence with their line-manager, to explore what type of support or reasonable adjustments might be helpful. A Management Referral to OH is recommended in these circumstances, so that workplace health needs can be fully assessed and advice given to both the employee and their manager.

Many people have already or are contracting COVID-19 and we have seen a number of staff with reference to the effects of this illness. The NHS has created helpful guidance to help: Your Covid Recovery. Please also see the University's Guidance on the long-term effects of COVID-19.

Contact details:

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Staff Disability Advisor: Joanna Hurry