Calendar 2017/18

D - Library Regulations


Hours of Opening


The Library will be open at such times as shall be decided by the Senate, and full details of these times shall be clearly displayed by the Library.




Members of the Council of the University, the academic staff, recognised teachers of the University, the administrative, clerical and secretarial staff, the technicians, registered students, graduates and former students who, having been registered full-time for at least one academic year, hold a Certificate or Diploma of the University are entitled to read in the Library and to borrow books. Other persons (including Occasional Students) ('Outside Borrowers') may be allowed to read in the Library and, with special permission, to borrow books.


Rules relating to borrowing


No reader will be permitted to borrow books before completing the authorised Library registration procedure.


Alumni of the University (graduates and former students who, having been registered full-time for at least one academic year, hold a Certificate or Diploma of the University), may join the Library on payment of a single registration fee equivalent to half the current annual subscription charged to 'Outside Borrowers'. 'Outside Borrowers' shall pay both a registration fee and an annual subscription. The registration fee is waived for PGR Alumni.


Members of staff of the University, including research fellows, may borrow up to 50 items of Library stock at one time; students registered for research-based postgraduate courses 40 items; students registered for taught postgraduate courses 25 items; undergraduate and certificate students 20 items. All other eligible borrowers may borrow up to 4 items at one time. Borrowing permissions differ slightly at the library on the University’s Cornwall Campus.


The period of loan for all materials (with the exception of maps, audio-visual materials and items in high demand) shall be for one year from date of issue for staff grades and students registered for research-based postgraduate courses and normally 42 days for all other classes of borrowers. Loans may be renewed for a further period if the items concerned are not required by anyone else. All loans are subject to recall and become due for return within 7 days of the recall notification.


Users must present their University Card or Library Card in order to borrow any item available for loan.


The latest date on which books, DVDs, Locker Keys or other Library stock should be returned will be advised at the time of loan or renewal - although the due date remains subject to earlier recall (see 3.). A fine of 50p per day will be incurred for overdue recalled loans and overdue high demand loans.


If a borrower's University Card/Library Card is lost or stolen, the matter must be reported to Library Services staff and the University Registry immediately. A charge may be made for replacement.


The University Card/Library Card may be used only by the person to whom it was issued and whose name appears on it.


Periodical volumes or parts may be borrowed by members of staff of the University, research fellows, and postgraduate students for periods of seven days, and by undergraduates for one day. Renewals of loan will be permitted if the items are not required by another user. Certain periodicals may be reserved for use in the Library only, or be placed in the Express Collections.


Books borrowed during the vacations are subject to the same terms and conditions as during term-time.


The following classes of books are not allowed to leave the Library:


(a) Maps


(b) Essential reference books such as Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries, Atlases and Current Year-Books and Calendars


(c) All types of Law Reports and Statutes


(d) All other books marked 'Reference Only'


The Library may at any time request the immediate return of a book required by another reader, provided that the book has been on loan for seven days. A fine of 50p per day will be imposed on any reader retaining a book after the date of recall.


Loss of or damage to Library stock must be reported to the Library at once. The borrower will be considered personally responsible and will be required to make good the loss or damage. Marking or writing in books is strictly forbidden, and any person so defacing books will be required to replace them.


The Library will where possible communicate with its users by email. The email address used for all members of the University will be that assigned by the University at IT registration. Users wishing to be contacted by letter must request this as a variation from the default procedure.


Library at Cornwall Campus


Members of the University borrowing from the Library on the Cornwall Campus will be subject to the rules and regulations pertaining to that Library.


Members based in Cornwall borrowing directly from the Libraries on the Exeter campuses will be subject to the Regulations relating to those Libraries.




All readers who bring bags, attaché cases, portfolios, etc. into the Library must be prepared to open them for inspection when leaving the Library if requested by a member of security or Library staff.


Consumption of bottled water is permitted in all libraries. Cold snacks and drinks with lids can be consumed quietly in designated library areas but hot food is not permitted. Consumption of any type of alcohol is not permitted in any part of the Library at any time.


Smoking is not permitted in any part of any library building.


Silence must be maintained at all times in all designated ‘silent study’ spaces. Quiet conversations are permitted elsewhere but Library users are asked to be considerate to the needs of others and may be reminded of this by Library staff. Dedicated group study areas are provided. The designation of certain areas of the Library may be changed on occasion to suit the needs of the majority of users (e.g. during revision and exam time). Excessive noise and inappropriate behaviour is not acceptable anywhere in the Library.


Fines will be imposed for breaches of these rules and for offences against good behaviour in the Library and, in addition, borrowing privileges may be withdrawn.


All users of library materials are required to abide by legal or licence usage restrictions. For print materials these will include compliance with copyright and other limitations on photocopying; for digital resources these will include limitations on downloading, printing and commercial use as well as copyright adherence.