Calendar 2017/18

Regulations Governing Academic Programmes

1 Faculty of Taught Programmes

1.17 Regulations Governing the Certificate in Education (Further Education)
1 Eligibility
1.1 Candidates for admission shall normally be teachers in post-compulsory education or training.
2 Period of Study
2.1 Candidates shall be required to complete, over a minimum of two years,
  (a) teaching practice
  (b) a compulsory core, and
  (c) three modules chosen from a list of options.
2.2 Exemption from no more than 50 per cent of the compulsory core may be considered for those candidates who have completed an ACSTT Stage II course. Each application for exemption will need to be approved by the Board of the Faculty of Taught Programmes.
3 Examination
3.1 No candidate shall be eligible for the award of the Certificate in Education (FE) unless the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of College is satisfied that the candidate has completed, by attendance and otherwise, the requirements of the programme.
3.2 Candidates shall be examined by continuous assessment as stipulated in the programme of study. This will include: assessment of teaching practice, a project, and a folio of work.
4 Award
4.1 The Certificate in Education (FE) shall be awarded as a pass Certificate only