Calendar 2018/19

Regulations Governing Academic Programmes

1 Faculty of Taught Programmes

1.5 Regulations Governing the LLB Partnership Award
1 Admission to Programme
1.1 With the approval of the Dean acting on behalf of the Board of the Faculty of Taught Programmes and the Senate, registered students who satisfy the entrance requirements specified under the terms of an agreement with a partner institution (‘Partnership Agreement’) may be admitted to the programme on the recommendation of the Head of the School of Law.
1.2 No qualifying student shall proceed to study at a partner institution unless they have successfully completed 240 credits at the University, which shall include the Foundations of Legal Knowledge required by the professional regulatory bodies.
2 Period of Study
2.1 The full-time programme shall extend over four academic years. A candidate may be allowed to extend the period of study only for a reason approved by the Dean/ Associate Dean of the Faculty of Taught Programmes.
2.2 On the recommendation of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of College, studies at degree level pursued at the partner institution shall be counted towards the credit requirements for the degree, provided that the number of credits does not exceed 120.
2.3 The final 120 credits of the programme shall be studied in the partner institution in accordance with the Partnership Agreement.
3 Examination, Re-examination and Classification of Awards
3.1 No candidate shall be admitted to any examination unless it is certified by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of the College that the candidate has completed by attendance and otherwise the requirements of the programme (including the performance of such vacation work as may be required).
3.2 The examination and re-examination of candidates and the classification of awards shall be governed by the provisions set out in the University's approved undergraduate degree assessment procedures.
4 Regulations Governing the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Laws
4.1 The provisions of Regulation 1.3 shall, mutatis mutandis, apply to students on the programme.