Calendar 2018/19

Regulations Governing Academic Programmes

1 Faculty of Taught Programmes

1.6 Regulations Governing the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Laws in English Law and French Law/LLM (Maitrise)
1 The Regulations of the Honours Degree of LLB (European) shall be the same as those for the Honours Degree of LLB, except that the programme shall extend over four academic years, one of which will be spent abroad. The programme may be made available by part-time study to suitably qualified applicants under conditions acceptable to the College of Social Sciences and International Studies and approved by the Board of the Faculty of Taught Programmes.
2 The examination will follow the pattern of the degree of LLB (above) except that for the year abroad candidates will be examined in accordance with the procedures in force at the French or German University as appropriate. Only candidates who attain a satisfactory standard in this year abroad will be eligible for the award of the degree.
3 Candidates who fail to attain a satisfactory standard in the year abroad may be awarded the degree of LLB with the approval of the Board of the Faculty of Taught Programmes.