Calendar 2018/19

Regulations Governing Academic Programmes

1 Faculty of Taught Programmes

1.7 Regulations Governing the Partnership Juris Doctor award (JD) - Partnership
1 Admission to Programme
1.1 With the approval of the Dean acting on behalf of the Board of the Faculty of Taught Programmes and the Senate, applicants who satisfy the entrance requirements specified under the terms of an agreement with a partner institution (‘Partnership Agreement’) shall be admitted to the programme on the recommendation of the Head of the School of Law. This programme shall only be available to students registered at the partner institution. Students on the programme shall be registered at both the University and the partner institution.
2 Credit-rating of Programme
2.1 All modules comprising an approved programme of study carry a specific credit value. All students on the programme shall follow such modules as are prescribed by the Partnership Agreement.
3 Period of Study
3.1 The period of study under the programme shall be determined by the Partnership Agreement, but in no case shall be longer than five years full time. A candidate may be allowed to extend the period of study only for a reason approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Taught Programmes.
4 Examination, Re-examination and Classification of Awards
4.1 No candidate shall be admitted to any examination unless it is certified by the Head of School that the candidate has completed by attendance and otherwise the requirements of the programme (including the performance of such vacation work as may be required).
4.2 The examination and re-examination of candidates and the classification of awards shall be governed by the provisions set out in the University's approved undergraduate degree assessment procedures.
5 Vacation Study, Field Courses, and Study Abroad
5.1 The provisions of Regulation 1.3 paragraph 6 shall, mutatis mutandi, apply to the programme.