Calendar 2017/18

Officers and Committee of the Association of Academic Staff

Chair: Professor Alan Outram

Vice-Chair/Secretary: Dr Emma Cayley


Aebischer, Dr Pascale (2014) (English) CHUMS Streatham
Balkenborg, Prof Dieter (2014) (Economics) BUS Streatham
Barry, Prof Jonathan (2016) (History) CHUMS Streatham
Burton, Dr Sara (2016) (Biosciences) UEMS St Lukes
Capdevila-Arguelles, Dr Nuria (2014) (Modern Languages) CHUMS Streatham
Cayley, Dr Emma (2015) (Modern Languages) CHUMS Streatham
Connor, Dr Peter (2016) (Renewable Energy) EMPS Cornwall
Cooper, Dr Barrie (2016) (Mathematics) EMPS Streatham
Evans, Prof Carol (2014) (GSE) CSSIS St Lukes
Faulkner, Dr Sally (2015) (Modern Languages) CHUMS Streatham
Harcourt, Dr Alison (2014) (Politics) CSSIS Streatham
Higbee, Dr William (2015) (Modern Languages) CHUMS Streatham
Lavers, Ms Claire (2015) (Finance) BUS Streatham
Love, Dr John (2014) (Biosciences) CLES Streatham
Melling, Prof Jo (2016) (History) CHUMS Streatham
Mewse, Dr Avril (2016) (Psychology) CLES Streatham
Oltean, Dr Ioana (2016) (Archaeology) CHUMS  Streatham
Outram, Dr Alan (2016) (Archaeology) CHUMS Streatham
Seaford, Dr Richard (2016) (Classics and Ancient History) CHUMS Streatham
Shaw, Dr Andrew (2016) (Chemistry) CLES Streatham 
Stephenson, Dr Juliette (2016) (Economics) UEBS Streatham 
Stone, Prof Nick Stone (2016) (Physics and Astronomy) CEMPS Streatham
Strawbridge, Dr Sharon (2016) (Physics and Astronomy) CEMPS Streatham
Stringfellow, Dr Lindsay (2015) (Marketing) BUS Streatham
Thomas, Dr Nicola (2014) (Geography) CLES Streatham
Young, Dr Paul (2016) (English) CHUMS Streatham