Calendar 2014/15


Miss Sarah J Turvill (2015) (Chair)
Mr Peter Lacey (2016)
Mr Richard M P Hughes (2017)
Professor Sir Steve Smith
Professor Janice M Kay (2019)
Professor Nick Talbot (2015)
Mr C John Allwood (2015)
Mr Gerry Brown (December 2016)
Dr Sarah Buck OBE (2015)
Mr Nicholas Bull (2015)
Ms Amanda Conroy (2016)
Professor Ken E Evans (2015)
Ms Rachael Gillies (2015)
Ms Judy Hargadon OBE (2016)
Mr Peter J M Hodges (2015)
Sir Robin Nicholson (2016)
Mr Chris Pomfret (2016)
Professor Tim Quine (2017)
Ms Bettina Rigg (2016)
Dr Andrew M Shaw (2016)
Professor Stephen Tomlinson CBE (2016) 
Ms Sally A Wilcox (2015)


Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Professor Mark Goodwin
Professor Janice Kay
Professor Nick Kaye
Professor Nick Talbot
2Roger Auster
Professor Bill Barnes
Professor Mark Baldwin
1Professor Jonathan Barry (2018)
1Dr Jonathan Brown (2016)
1Professor Steve Brown (2016)
2Chris Capper
Professor Emma Cayley
Professor Dan Charman
2Titus Ching
1Dr Peter Connor (2016)
1Dr Barrie Cooper (2018)
2Rhun Davies
Professor James Devenney
1Professor Slobodan Djordjevic (2016)
Professor Stephen Eichhorn
Professor Ken Evans
Professor Henry French
2Rachael Gillies
1Professor Jonathan Gosling (2018)
1Dr Felix Gradinger (2016)
1Dr Jason Hall (2016)
Professor Sarah Hamilton
Professor Michael Hauskeller
1Dr John Heathershaw (2018)
1Dr Lindsay Hetherington (2016)
1Dr Alison Hill (2018)
Stephen Hodge
1Professor David Hosken (2016)
Professor Andy Jones
Professor Karen Knapp
Professor Mark Levine
1Dr Bice Maiguashca (2016)
Professor Robin Mason
Professor Karen Mattick
Professor Jean McEwan
Professor Debra Myhill
1Dr Ruth Newman (2018)
Professor Mark Overton
1Dr Steven Palmer (2016)
Professor Alex Pavic
Professor Tim Quine
Professor Wendy Robinson
Professor Michelle Ryan
Dr Andrew Shaw
Ms Michele Shoebridge
Dr Nigel Skinner
Professor Andi Smart
1Juliette Stephenson (2018)
1Dr Sharon Strawbridge (2018)
2Ben Street
1Dr Lindsay Stringfellow (2016)
1Dr Tim Taylor (2018)
2Catherine Thornhill
Professor Steve Thornton
Professor Andrew Thorpe
1Dr Anni Vanhatalo (2018)
Gabriele Vosseberg
1Dr Helen Watson (2018)
1Professor Adam Watt (2016)
1Professor Jane Whittle (2018)
Professor Sandy Williams
Professor Carol Woodhams
Professor John Wylie
Dr Reza Zamani

Chief Operating Officer (non-voting)
1 Date of expiry of appointment shown after elected members' names
2 Student member


Chair: Professor Janice Kay (Chair) 
Professor: David Wright
Council Representative: Mrs Bettina Rigg (2016)
Academic Services:  Mr Rob Hart
Campus Services:  Ms Wendy Courtney and Mr Steve Jones
Colleges: Assistant Colleges Managers (Infrastructure & Technical Services): Gary Stringer (Humanities), Joanna Lunnon (SSIS), Shirley Turner (Business School), Nick Tongue (CLES), Jonathon Cresswell (CEMPS), Pete Briggs (UEMS)
Ms Ruth Grimmer
Students’ Guild: Mr Orlando Murrish
Representative of Senate: Mr Keith Smith
Representatives from the Trade Unions:
Unite: Ms Margaret Grapes
UCU:  Matt Baker
Unison: Miss Joanne Hamilton

Mr Peter Lacey (Chair) (2016)
Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Provost or a Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Chief Operating Officer (ex officio)
Chief Financial Officer (ex offico)
Director of Campus Services (ex officio)
Director of Communication and Corporate Affairs (ex officio)
Director of Human Resources (ex officio)
Three representatives each of the University and College Union, Unite and Unison


Mr Nicholas Bull (Chair) (2015)
Mr Richard M P Hughes (2017)
Dr Sarah Buck (2015)
Mr Kevin Butler (2015)
Mr Nick Caiger (2017)
Ms Judy Hargadon OBE (2017) 


Chair of Council (Chair) (ex officio)
Pro-Chancellors (ex officio)
Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ex officio) 
Ms Sally Wilcox (2015)


Chair of Council (Chair) (ex officio)
Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Pro-Chancellors (ex officio)
Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor (ex officio)
Mrs Bettina Rigg (2016)
Sir Robin Nicholson (2016)


Professor Nick J Talbot, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Chair) (April 2015)
Up to five School Ethics Officers in disciplines with significant ethical issues
Member of Professional Services
Deans of Taught Programme and Postgraduate Research Faculties or their nominees
Chair of Ethical Review Committee: Professor Brendan Godley
Member of Senate: Professor Richard Seaford
Lay Member of Council: Professor Stephen Tomlinson CBE (2016)
Lay Member: tbc
President of the Students' Guild