Project Exceptional

Project Exceptional aims to create a new £80m building, acting as a catalyst for new ways of teaching and research on the Streatham Campus. It is part of our wider University Capital Strategy.

The new building will be built on Car Park D and so is dependent on us making changes to other car parks in order to do this. We will ensure these changes happen with minimal impact on colleagues and local residents and that no parking spaces are lost.

Car parking spaces

  • Car Park D currently has capacity of 202 spaces
  • Car Park B (by the Sports Park) currently has a capacity of 154 spaces

A temporary car park will be constructed next to Car Park B, which will have 154 spaces. This will be constructed before Car Park B is taken out of operation.

Proposed programme of changes

12 February 2018:  We will seek planning permission to make Car Park B, by the Sports Park, into a multi-storey car park.

July 2018:  If planning is granted we will create a temporary car park on the ground next to Car Park B, ensuring the minimal amount of disruption happens while work is undertaken to make Car Park B a multi-storey car park. The temporary car park will have 154 spaces, so no parking spaces are lost.

December 2018: The work on Car Park B will be completed – this will have the same amount of spaces as the existing Car Park  B and D (356 spaces in total) which will mean no spaces will be lost as a result of building on Car Park D.

Do you have any questions about the proposals for changing car park provision, then read our FAQs below or submit your question to

Project Exceptional FAQ

There will be a public consultation happening run by the Council’s Planning Department, as part of the planning application, this will happen in February 2018.

Staff will have the opportunity to find out more about the project on 9 February 2018 at Briefing Session in Peter Chalk. There will not be a broader consultation than that, however, during May to October, the architect and the design team for the building itself will work alongside the university to consult with key members on their proposals.

The aim is to provide the same amount of spaces as those that are lost, there will be no additional spaces.

The current car parking arrangements on campus are relatively favourable in comparison with other local employers.

You are going to be taking away my opportunity to park in Car Park D and I will now have to park further away in Car Park B, when parking is already an issue at the University this will make my life more difficult

The University has its own Sustainable Transport Policy, which contributes to the overall Exeter City Council sustainable transport agenda.

The University offers a number of a range of sustainable transport measures whilst offering relatively favourable car parking arrangements.

A car parking policy review is currently underway and scheduled for completion January 2018 as part of the University’s 2016-20 Sustainable Travel Plan. This will include the level of parking provided, permit eligibility and costs.

  • The University has introduced a number of transport sustainability measures:
  • The payment of a £110k subsidy to Stagecoach to ensure the D bus provides a high frequency service (every 15 minutes) up to 11pm at night Monday to Saturday all year round
  • Introduction of a car sharing scheme with free parking permits and 89 dedicated spaces
  • Support for the cycle to work scheme
  • £10k subsidy to Stagecoach to provide one third discount on single bus tickets for the D bus routed to the Exeter campus for staff and externally employed staff who work on campus
  • Provision of a shuttle bus from St David’s station and interest free loans for annual rail tickets
  • Provision of cycle shelters on campus. In the summer of 2016, 100 additional cycle parking spaces on campus were created at an investment of £70k

The University is about to embark on a major construction programme as part of its Estates Strategy. As part of this programme the site where Car Park D currently is located will no longer be a car park and the existing car parking capacity will be relocated to Car Park B. The project to relocate the car parking spaces is at a very early stage and options for extending Car Park B are being explored. These include extending the current site or creating a decked car park. No decision has been made as to the final design option. Any decision will include consideration of the environmental impact and the needs of those who use the campus.

The project is estimated to cost £4.79m and this money will come from the Capital Fund.

The car parking design includes landscaping which would mitigate the visual impact on the skyline of the new building.

We are introducing the car parking changes in reference to our Sustainable Travel Plan. Therefore, in the new car park B, there will be 35 electric parking bays and PV panels for solar electricity generation.

We continue to discourage students from bringing their cars to the city and actively promote and invest in sustainable travel initiatives.