Frequently asked questions

When will we know what the outcome of the review is going to be?

The Vice Chancellor’s Executive Group (VCEG) is expected to make its decision during the summer of 2014. We hope to start the review in May 2014 though this is dependent on our ability to recruit an independent childcare expert to lead it.

Why is it necessary to undertake another review when lots of information was collated during the 2007 review?

Things have changed since 2007: the student and staff populations have grown,  we have gained sites at the RD&E and the Royal Cornwall Hospital and the Women in HE initiative places new emphasis on the need for childcare in support of academic careers. Moreover the 2007 review did not really fully appraise all the service provision options.

If a new childcare setting was established at the Streatham Campus, who would manage it?

This would depend on the option selected by VCEG.

Will the staff remain the same if a new childcare facility is established?

This would depend on the outcome of this review and the option selected by VCEG.

Would there be an increase in fees if a new childcare facility was established?

This review will take into account the local market and level of childcare subsidy that would be available at the time the nursery is opened and recommend appropriate fees.

Can you guarantee that in the case of using another provider they will ensure the same quality of Early Years Learning and amount/ratio of highly qualified staff?

Yes. Whatever the outcome of this review, the University of Exeter is committed to providing a high quality, OFSTED-regulated childcare service.

If a new facility was opened, would it have longer opening hours and be available throughout the year.

The review will look at the current opening hours and needs of parents and carers both now and in the future.

If a new facility is opened would the capacity be significantly increased.

The review will look to identify the level of demand, both now and in the future.

Will the childcare review look at providing childcare provision for school children who are older than 5, especially during the school holidays?

The review will consider childcare provision for children up to the age of 16.

If there is a necessity to create a new nursery building, who would pay for it?

The review will consider a number of options for building and financing a new facility.

If the nursery had to move what would the land be used for that the current site utilises?

The focus of the project is currently on establishing the demand for childcare provision. When future plans are clearer, decisions around the  usage of the existing site will be made.

Is it expected that any new childcare provision would be solely for students and staff, or would local families be able to use it?

The demand for childcare in the local area will be considered as part of the review.

Who will be involved in the review process?

This review will cover childcare arrangements across the whole University; both in Exeter and Cornwall.

It will be led by the Change team, with separate Steering Groups for Exeter and Cornwall. Each Steering Group includes representatives from parents, the current nursery staff, Athena Swan, the Trade Unions and Campus Services.

The review will seek to engage staff and students through a survey and subsequent focus groups and keep a range of interested parties informed through periodic updates during the review.


Should you have a specific question which is not covered as part of these FAQs or would like to provide any direct feedback regarding the review please use the online form.