Shopping and banking

Penryn Campus, Cornwall

There are two retail outlets on campus. A supermarket which sells food, magazines and newspapers, phone cards, alcohol and academic materials. There is also a smaller shop in the Porter’s Lodge at Glasney Parc which sells essential supplies and is open from 8am-midnight daily.

For further information about the Penryn Campus's shops and facilities, visit the Falmouth Exeter Plus website.

Streatham Campus

See the University's Eat and shop pages for full details of where to eat, drink and shop on campus in Exeter.

Market Place, The Forum: wide range of goods and services available, including fruit and vegetables, chilled fruit and drinks, delicatessen, groceries, bakery items, toiletries, stationery and gifts, dry cleaning, online book ordering and collection.

Cornwall House Market Place, Cornwall House: wide range of goods including toiletries and household goods, international groceries, international phone cards and stamps, mobile phone top-up, fruit and vegetables, sandwiches, crisps, snacks, cold drinks and confectionery.

Birks Grange Market Place: a range of snacks, drinks, confectionery, tinned and dried goods, newspapers, magazines and toiletries.

: monthly on the Forum Piazza.

Blackwells: There is a representative from Blackwell's available every day in the Market Place 9am-5pm.  They can be contacted directly on 01392 277594 or  Alternatively buy via the online shops linked below and collect from the Market Place.

Blackwell's Online Student Shop: Buy your reading lists and other academic texts online and collect from the Market Place.

Blackwell's Online Staff Shop: Buy a range of books, DVDs, CDs, gifts and stationery.

NatWest Bank, The Forum: banking services: Monday – Friday 9am (Wed 9.30am) – 4.30pm.

Santander Bank, Devonshire House, first floor, opposite the Terrace Restaurant: banking services:
Monday – Friday 10am - 6pm (Wed 5pm)
Phone 05511 10482257.

The Guild Shop, Devonshire House: stationery, sweets, souvenirs, clothing, newspapers, magazines, sandwiches, greetings cards:
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 6pm (term-time only)
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm (during holidays)

Guild Print Shop, Devonshire House: printing, photocopying (including colour), binding, T-shirt printing, stationery, computer accessories, digital picture printing:
Monday – Friday 9.30am – 5pm

Printing Unit, Northcote House: photocopying, printing, print finishing:
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5pm

University of Exeter Press (UEP), Reed Hall. Tel: +44 (0)1392 263066
Note: UEP is no longer run by the University.

St David’s Station

, Isambard Parade (opposite St David’s railway station): wide range of goods, stationery, stamps, phone cards, pharmaceuticals, video-rental, wines and spirits, in-store bakery/sandwich bar (Bake & Bite):
Monday – Saturday 8am – 8pm
Sunday 9am – 6pm
Bake & Bite
Monday – Saturday 8.45am – 3pm
Sunday 9.45am – 3pm

St Luke’s Campus

Guild Reception, St Luke’s Common Room: information, photocopying, telephone cards:
Monday – Friday 10.30am – 3pm (term-time only)

Blackwell's Online Shop: Buy your reading lists and other academic texts online.

Blackwell's Online Staff Shop: Buy a range of books, DVDs, CDs, gifts and stationery.


Cornwall House/Birks Grange/Holland Hall Porters’ Lodges: snacks, confectionery, small items of stationery. Opening hours as for Cornwall House.