Adding new documents

From the top right of the Site Structure page select Media Library from the Content menu.

The Media Library is accessed from the Content menu in Site Manager

Find the folder in the Media Library structure where you want to store the new document. Click on the name of the appropriate folder to display its contents to the right of the Media Library structure: 

To add a new media item to the Media Library click the Add Media button or right-click the folder name and select Add New 

Click on the Add Media button or right-click the relevant folder and click 'Add New'. This will open the ‘General Media Information’ screen.

The media template in Site Manager

Complete the following boxes:

Name: This is a compulsory element. It is important to give the item a clearly identifiable name. This is used as link text for your documents when you link to them from your content. It will also make it easy for you, or someone else, to find the file in the Media Library again later:

Eg ‘Case Study: Exeter Diabetes Researchers Transforming Lives’

Note that this is not the same as the file name you gave the file saved on your hard disk, which will appear in the web address for the document. The filename for this example is ‘diabetes.pdf’, so its URL will be:

Description: Any text you put in this field for a document does not appear on the website, only within the document record in the Media Library. You may find it helpful to add notes here to provide additional information about the document for later reference.

Keywords: This field allows you to add a set of keywords which can be used when searching for media items using the Media Library Search box available at the top of each folder page.

Use the Search box available at the top of each folder page to find media items 

Type: This field remains blank until after you have uploaded your new document, when Site Manager will display the relevant media type depending on the extension of the file you’ve uploaded. For any.doc/.docx/.xls/.xlsx/.ppt/.pptx files Site Manager will automatically select ‘Microsoft Office Document’ as the type, and for .pdf files, it will automatically assign ‘Adobe PDF Document’.

Syntax Type: You can ignore this field for documents.

Media: Click the Choose File button to navigate to your document file on your computer and Site Manager will upload it to the Media Library.


Click the Open button in the Explorer window to select the correct file.

Hide syntax highlighting: Leave this box unticked.

Thumbnail: This is not required. A thumbnail is used to preview the item in the Media Library. You may, if you choose, add a thumbnail version of your image here, but you don’t need to. If you do not specify one, Site Manager will automatically create one from the media item itself if it is an image, but it won’t do this for documents, and it’s not really necessary. So you can safely ignore this field.

Media language dependence: This field can be left as it is. We don’t currently manage multiple language versions of our site in Site Manager so this field should be left as the default ‘Fully Independent’.

Add: Select the button named Add to upload the file to the Media Library.