Pasting text from Word documents: Part 2

Pasting into Site Manager using the ‘Paste as plain text’ button

This is the recommended method for best results and by far the quickest, since you will have less tidying up to do, and no risk of underlying code creeping in that you cannot remove.

  • Copy the text you require from your Word file and go to your content in Site Manager.
  • Click on the ‘Paste as plain text’ button so it is highlighted:


  • Then press CTRL + V on the keyboard to paste your text into the content:


  • This strips away all formatting to produce plain text. This will give you unformatted text, but usually with the correct spacing, and with no unwanted Microsoft Office code.
  • When you have pasted your cleaned up code into Site Manager, format your headings (as Heading 2, 3, 4, etc) and paragraphs (Paragraph) using the drop-down formatting menu in the editor, and your bulleted or numbered lists using the toolbar icons. This will ensure you get styling that looks consistent with the rest of the site.

Figure 4: Formatting drop-down menu in Site Manager’s editor window

Highlight the text in your Site Manager content that you wish to mark up as a heading and choose the logical heading level from the formatting drop-down menu in the editor toolbar to format it correctly


Previewing your pages

NB Always preview your pages before saving them in Site Manager, since some invisible Word code can also be invisible in Site Manager’s WYSIWYG window, but Preview will show what it is doing to your page layout. You can pick up on extra spaces you don’t want between paragraphs this way – if so, go back to the Site Manager editor and remove these by deleting all the space between paragraphs and making sure you then press return only once to insert a single paragraph break to give the correct spacing.


Bulleted and numbered lists do not transfer well from Word documents, and you will find yourself having to edit them considerably to make them display correctly. The bullets and numbers often get pasted in as characters, rather than properly formatted lists, so you will have to delete the bullets and numbers and use the numbered and bulleted items buttons from the content editor toolbar to format them correctly:





We recommend that you NEVER paste tables from Word documents or any other applications.

Tables pasted from Word display very badly in your webpages and are impossible for you to rectify in Site Manager without knowing HTML table code very well. The central style sheets handle the way tables are displayed in the new website design, so it is important that the way tables are constructed is kept simple and standard.

For all these reasons, we recommend tables are always created and edited using the set of table tools available in Site Manager from the editing toolbar.