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Research projects, lab groups, academic websites

When a website is required for a research project, a lab group or for an individual academic, these are recommended available options:


The University has WordPress on a server that staff can use to set up their own websites. We have developed a standard University template with options to customise, to enable staff to easily build and manage their own sites. Some examples of sites built using this include:

This option is free. The Digital Team can provide guidance and advice but cannot help with the build or ongoing maintenance.

Multimedia Design Studio

The in-house multimedia design studio can design and build bespoke websites (not in standard University T4 templates). There will be a cost and you would be expected to manage the ongoing maintenance of the website. Contact the Design Studio for more information.

Free website builders

There are a number of companies that will allow you to build your own website using a variety of templates. The service is free but usually the company will have their name in your URL and have a link in the footer. You can usually pay a fee to remove this advertising and use your own URL. Some examples include:

Low cost website builders

There are also a number of companies that offer a low cost solution to building a website. Some examples are below but there are lots of other companies.

You can read a good article by PC mag rating a number of options.