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Images and carousels

4) Images and carousels


  • Check our image dimensions if you are not sure what size image you need
  • Carousels display either one or several images on a page
  • Go to the 'content' tab for the page you want to add a carousel and select 'add content' - then choose 'carousel container' from the list of templates
  • Give your carousel container the name 'carousel container' and select 'add and approve'
  • Repeat the process only this time select 'carousel entry'
  • Populate the name field (this is for T4 only) 
  • Use the 'select' button to add an image - either choose from the media library or upload a new image using the 'add media' button
  • Select an image on your computer and choose 'image' from the radio buttons once you've uploaded your file
  • You can also select publish/expiry dates for your image
  • Use caption text to add text on top of your image - don't add text to images.