Web Support Newsletter

Through the Web Support Newsletter we aim to help staff across the institution who are responsible for publishing content online. We hope that our series of short guides, tips, and articles will help you to create better web content and support you through using T4, our content management system.

If you need extra help you can refer to the web support web pages, our Web Team Blog or get in touch with the Web Marketing Officer for your Service or College if you have specific questions or problems.

Previous newsletters

November 2016

  • Day in the life
  • New Business School website
  • Creating effective web links

September 2016

  • Cornwall campuses website
  • University styleguide
  • T4 publishes and transfers

August 2016

  • How a redesign works
  • New Students site launch
  • Changing the name of a document in T4

May 2016

  • T4: Common conundrums
  • Law site launch
  • How to write great headings

April 2016

  • How do people read on the web?
  • T4: What's with all the red boxes?

March 2016

  • Top five digital marketing tips
  • Usability testing
  • Graduation site launch

February 2016

  • Avoiding Internet Explorer
  • Resizing images with Pixlr.com
  • Social media image sizes

January 2016

  • How to blog
  • 6 elements of a powerful blog post
  • Values website launch

November 2015

  • The main principles of web accessibility
  • Use Plain English
  • 13 Steps to Write Better Web Content

September 2015

  • Removing access to sections in T4
  • Handling questions and acting on behalf of the University on social media
  • The Diamond Jubilee website

August 2015

  • Hootsuite - an overview
  • Calls to action
  • New open access website launched

July 2015

  • Social Media 101 - free online course
  • Open Day smartphone app
  • Spelling

June 2015

  • Chinese Website
  • The Communications Brief
  • Explaining Sync and Clean

May 2015

  • Social Media Etiquette Guide
  • The ‘Inverted Pyramid’ web content model
  • Living Systems Website

April 2015

  • Google’s mobile update: Are we scared?
  • Updating Media Library documents
  • How to add email links in T4
  • New Accommodation site live 

March 2015

  • Writing for the web
  • An introduction to Chinese social media
  • Remastering the Postgraduate Study site

February 2015

  • Resizing images for common T4 templates
  • An introduction to Google Analytics
  • Are your web links descriptive enough?

January 2015

  • The internet is a zoo: The ideal length of everything online
  • Updated Social Media Policy and Guidance
  • An introduction to Instagram

October 2014

  • Naming sections in T4
  • H1's and why they’re important to your web pages

August 2014

  • Setting up University Social Media accounts
  • Building a community and contributing on social media
  • The Do's and Don'ts of using Facebook for business

July 2014

  • The basics of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • T4 tip: bookmarking sections
  • Knowing your audience and capturing interest

June 2014

  • Our new research gateway
  • Deleting content: pending or inactive
  • Social Media guidelines for staff

May 2014

  • Mentions and @replies on Twitter
  • Adding link sections in T4
  • Naming your files for the Media Library

April 2014

  • Think carefully when changing web page addresses
  • More appropriate and useful images
  • Short URLs

March 2014

  • Sourcing images and copyright
  • Style guide tip: sentence case for titles and sections
  • Rethinking the Undergraduate Study website
  • Changing the link text to Media Library documents

February 2014

  • Getting started with social media
  • Developing our student facing app
  • Creating links in T4

January 2014

  • Writing for the web
  • Pasting content into T4 from Word
  • Resizing images with Pixlr.com