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University of Exeter style guide

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One word, not hyphenated.


Web: On webpages, do not use underlining to emphasise a word or phrase – use bold or italic instead, although be sparing with this. Underlining on webpages means hypertext links and if it isn’t a link it can confuse webpage readers.


When conveying quantities of units, such as kilometres or kilograms, the unit itself should be abbreviated, if appropriate, and positioned directly adjacent to the quantity, ie. 20km, 3kg. If not abbreviating the unit, a space should be left between the quantity and the unit, ie. 4 miles.

University of Exeter

Not Exeter University


With hyphens.


Not User name.

Web addresses

Print: www.exeter.ac.uk/biology NOT http://www.ex.ac.uk/biology Only include http:// if the address does not contain www. Note that ‘exeter’ should be written in full except where it means the URL won’t work, eg http://newton.ex.ac.uk  NOT http://newton.exeter.ac.uk Do not add a full stop when the web address comes at the end of a sentence.

Web: Web addresses on websites are always linked to the relevant site. Using text for your links is better for both users and search engines (see Links). Supply proper text which clearly and accurately describes the destination of the link. Avoid using web addresses themselves as link text in web content unless you really have to, in which case follow the advice for print above.

web, website, webpage, etc

All lower case unless at the start of a sentence. Note website not web site, and webpage not web page


NOT week day or week-day


One word, not hyphenated.

West Country

Not Westcountry


Not WiFi, wi-fi

World-class / World-leading

If used as an adjective (to describe a noun - probably the University of Exeter or one of our departments) then use as two words joined with a hyphen.

See hyphens.


One word, not hyphenated.