Setting up your workstation

Setting up your workstation correctly is vital to ensuring you reduce the risk of pain and ill health that can be associated with Display Screen Equipment (DSE) use. We have provided a guide for staff to check they have their workstation set up correctly.

For staff using laptops we have additional guidance on setting up your workspace for a laptop

DSE self-assessment

All staff are required to carry out a DSE self-assessment at the start of their contract and then on an annual basis. To carry out a self-assessment of your workstation you will need to complete a DSE Workstation self-assessment.
If you receive an amber result from your self-assessment please contact your manager for advice. If you receive a red result please contact the Safety team to arrange a further assessment.

DSE advice

It is recommended that DSE Users have regular interruptions from screen work to prevent the onset of eye strain, and musculoskeletal pain. Therefore, periods of 5 minutes of alternative work activity every hour should be organised during the working day. This could include a change of task from DSE use to other office tasks.