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First Aiders list - Streatham Campus

Alexander Building (Including Thornlea and the White House)

Name Location Phone 
Chris Mearing Technical Office 4599
Jon Primrose  Office - Office 17 4585


Name Location Phone 
Angela Elliott D437 3347
Jordanna Broom C148 3197
Heather Light  Amory reception desk 3335

Biocatalysis (Including Geoffrey Pope)

Name Location Phone 
 Ed Heeley  BC 1.2  6121
 Steve Mitchell  Room 405 Geoffrey Pope  5524
Stephen Rice Reception Geoffrey Pope/LSI 6597
Samantha Mitchell Lab 211 Second Floor South Geoffrey Pope 2173
Farbos Audrey Room 232 or 108 6203
Sara Honey Room 3.22 2943
Claire Courtney-Baker Teaching Laboratory 101 2386

Birks Grange

Name Location Phone 
Russell Hiscox Residences 5186
Webber Yvonne Dining Room  3488
Anthony Potts Kitchen 5182

Building One

Name Location Phone 
Lauren Wonnacott PS Hub 2121
Sylvester Brozyna La Touche 5882
Zoe Steane La Touche 5882

Byrne House

Name Location Phone 
Chee Wong Reception Office, GF5 6396