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First Aiders list

St Luke's Campus & off campus Exeter

Baring Court

Name Location Phone 
Jamie Blackwell BC14 4920

College House

Name Location Phone 
Christina Gkatzioli Room G10 2838
Vicki McKenna Room G16 2965

Medical School Building

Name Location Phone 
Sam Bailey G22 2932
Abdelmalek Benattayallah MRI centre 2982
Claudia Leitner F08 6724 

North Cloisters

Name Location Phone 
Kirstie Parnell NC05 lab 2945 
Andrew Perry Estate Patrol 4820

Richards Building

Name Location Phone 
Luke Connolly Room 13 2776
Mike Cooke Room 13 2883
Sarah Jackman Room 103 2878


Name Location Phone 
Joanna Hughes Reception 5816 


Name Location Phone 
Shelly Rhodes JS01 5229


South Cloisters

Name Location Phone 
Nick Davies info@St Lukes hub 3587
Linda Dumchen Room 1.41 4859
Paul Thornton Room 918 5386
Jo Varley-Campbell Room 3.09 5706

Ian Wellaway






Sports Centre

Name Location Phone 
Christopher Keirle Sports office 4940

Off campus Exeter

Name Location Phone 
Nick Gurney RD&E, Heavitree, ECSRC  01392 687242
Kevin Hannaford RD&E, Heavitree, ECSRC 01392 687242
Pia Leete RD&E Wonford 01392 408224