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Silver Cloud allows you access to therapy for mental health difficulties from wherever you want to use it and at a time that suits you.  The programme is completely confidential.  SilverCloud offers online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).  This complements traditional therapeutic approaches such as face to face counselling provided by the University’s Employee Assistance Programme and will provide earlier access to mental health support for you in a way that is flexible in time and approach.


SilverCloud empowers you to take charge and manage your mental health and wellbeing.

Easy to Use

This is a space that you can make your own using interactive tools which you can use in your own way to make your experience interesting and motivational.  The programmes include support with Depression, Anxiety and Stress and developing a Positive Body Image.  If you are interested in developing your resilience or improving your mental health and wellbeing SilverCloud can help.

Flexible and Friendly

SilverCloud is accessible 24/7 on computer, tablet or mobile phone.