Wellbeing group

The University of Exeter’s wellbeing group is one of the work streams of the Positive Working Environment. The wellbeing group commenced in November 2013, following a wellbeing “Summit” that brought together people from different departments and specialities from across the university. Following this Summit, the group agreed its 3 priority areas for Wellbeing and developed an action plan and formed a regular meeting.

The 3 original aims of the wellbeing group were:

To consolidate and celebrate what we already do at the University

There was already many different wellbeing activities and groups working in wellbeing areas across the university. The group have developed a Wellbeing Map to set out what is available for staff and how to access this. The university induction has been updated to ensure all new staff get information about wellbeing as soon as they start.

Investigate and take forward new wellbeing improvement projects

When the group put the wellbeing maps together it was possible to see what areas we could improve further or develop for the first time.

  1. The group have assisted in the development of a brand new Wellbeing Self-Assessment tool. This tool has been designed to enable staff to assess their own health, wellbeing and resilience.
  2. An annual calendar of events has been created which will ensure that many of the national health and wellbeing days are celebrated within the university including Stoptober, mental health awareness week and back care awareness week. In addition to the national events, the team have invented some new events that they felt would be valuable to Exeter employees such as the “Take Back Your Lunch” campaign and the new Staff Festival Event which is run in Exeter and Cornwall.
  3. The group have identified a number of external “charters” that we would like to aim to sign up to such as Mindful Employer and Time to Change.
  4. There has been an increase in the number of staff sports and wellbeing activities available on site. This now includes the ability for staff to have their blood pressure checked and additional activities such as Tai Chi and mindfulness sessions are now available.

Improve communication and measurement of wellbeing

The Staff Association's role in promoting Wellbeing activities has improved to ensure that we can inform all staff on opportunities available regardless of membership to the staff association. A new wellbeing web site has been created and via this website and as part of the national and local wellbeing campaigns we will measure staff views on wellbeing and get input and ideas on other ideas to take forwards. We will also be using data from the staff survey and other places to measure that what we are doing in the Positive Working Environment group is working. 

Wellbeing Prezi

This Wellbeing Prezi sets out the work carried out by the Wellbeing group over the last year. The aim of this Prezi is to publicise the wellbeing opportunities, support and tools now available to all staff across the campuses. 

The Wellbeing group is currently working on the new 2015-16 action plan to take the wellbeing work further.

Instructions for the Prezi:

  • In the bottom right corner of the screen select auto play and set to 10 seconds.
  • Then select to maximise the presentation and the presentation will then start automatically.