All University staff who are paid on the main payroll are eligible to join the Staff Association.

Unfortunately we cannot accept membership applications from retired staff, as this would be a conflict of interest with the University of Exeter Retired Staff Association (UERSA). However, retired staff who join the UERSA will receive Staff Association rates for events. Please visit the UERSA website for details of how to join.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to the following: people working on a University campus whether for the University, for a third party or their partners (living at the same address) or a Member’s partner (living at the same address), individuals engaged on a fees or claims basis (including the Temporary Staff Bank) and Graduate Teaching Assistants are eligible for Associate Membership.  Associate Membership fee is currently £1.00per week. Subscription is paid annually in advance through the online payment system (£52.00 per year).In all other matters, Associate members will have the same membership terms as members. Should an associate member wish to withdraw before membership expires then a refund (pro rata) will be given.

Annual Subscription £52.00

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How to join

To join the Staff Association you need to complete online Staff Association membership form.

Upon joining you will be sent a membership card and login details for the Exeter Rewards discount portal.

Membership is for a minimum of 6 months and at least 1 months notice must be given to withdraw.

All new starters with a start date prior to 1st March 2014 will have automatically been opted in the Staff Association and membership fees of £1 per week will be deducted from your monthly salary. If you wish to opt out of the Staff Association, you will need to do so prior to your employment start date, after this time 1 month's notice will need to be given and the online cancellation form will need to be completed. Employees employed after 1st March 2014 will need to complete the application form (see above).

Membership cost

Membership to the Staff Association costs £1 per week which is deducted from your salary on a monthly basis.

Membership benefits

The Exeter Rewards Card

The new cash back card that gives you up to 5% at over 50 major retailers

Local discounts

As well as the discount portal, we have negotiated a range of local discounts and vouchers for members. See all discounts

On-campus discounts

The Staff Association works with Campus Services to bring you a range of on-campus discounts, including accommodation, restaurants and cafes, transport, the Exeter Northcott Theatre and various other facilities. See all our available discounts

Events and activities

The Staff Association Social Committee offer a full range of subsidised fee, or free entry, social events and activities for both staff, partners and families - including local trips, Friday socials, on-campus cinema, classes and much more. Event & Activities

Special interest groups

There are a number of groups based at the Streatham Campus, including a Lunchtime Knitting Circle, a Book Club, , Ultimate Frisbee team, University Staff Choir and a Film Club to name a few. Special interest groups (or clubs) are being encouraged to form as a means of getting people together across campus(es!) who have familiar interests and hobbies - whether this results in the formation of lunchtime groups, after work clubs or weekend events. Full details of special interest groups

How to get involved

We are always on the lookout for willing volunteers to take an active role within the Staff Association. There are various opportunities which may be of interest:

Attend an event

All members are welcome to attend any of the events organised by the Staff Association. Visit the Events and activities page for more details.

Become a "Social Butterfly" - None of the boring bits, just turn up for the party!

Volunteer for the best bits;we need enthusiastic and socialble people to welcome host and champion Staff Association events. Whether its heading to the pub after work to welcome new starters or playing front of house for Film Nights, you can just turn up, smile and meet an endless list of new people, all keen to enjoy the Staff Association and the community its becoming.
Worried about the time commitment? worry not, the joy of being a socialite is that we know you are busy people with exciting lives to lead...there's no minimum obligation. Spot an event you're interested in, sign up to help and we'll see you there! Email staffassociation@exeter.ac.uk to get involved

Set up or join a special interest group

The Staff Association is always looking for individuals to suggest their own activities and be enthusiastic enough to set up special interest groups. Members of the Social Committee will be available to assist you with setting up advice and support. We would like to be able to see groups being formed across all the University Campuses. The Association is for you - so ultimately you as staff will decide what should be included. Hopefully you can find something you would be interested in joining, attending or participating in. If not, why not set up your own group? Funding is available to assist with setting up groups. See special interest groups for more information.

Further information

Please contact the Marketing and Communications Officer (Staff Association) for more information about how to get involved.

How to withdraw from the Staff Association

You need to give a month's notice to withdraw from the Staff Association.

Please complete the online cancellation form and return your membership card to the Marketing and Communications Officer (Staff Association), Human Resources, Northcote House.