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Taylor-Samuel are Bernie Samuel and Stewart Taylor, an acoustic pop duo who met in Exeter in 2000(ish) and formed the backbone of the now legendary 'Babysnakes'. Fresh from supporting Sound of the Sirens on their recent tour, Stewart and Bernie are back after a ten year break performing their own brand of acoustic pop for as long as they can get away with it!


Who is Bernie Samuel?

Bernie Samuel started his career playing in Holiday camps across the south of the country. After a brief spell performing to American troops during the first Gulf war, Bernie formed a number of bands, most recently the critically acclaimed Fabulous Thorvertones. Bernie is a regular on the Exeter busking scene and can regularly  be seen belting out Irish songs outside Boots the chemist.

Performing at 1300-1345 at thr Forum Streatham and will be selling albums too!

The Woodmen are set to help cancer charities with a new album about the Devon countryside after the lead singer’s recovery from the illness.

WoodmenThe Woodmen’ are folk country & blues band. They have recently released their new album called ‘Shobroke Moon’. Pete  Mason works in the Mood Disorder Centre and is lead singer with the band.  He recently returned back from work after a long illness having been diagnosed with cancer. The album is getting fab reviews and will be available for sale to support Force Cancer Charity and Hospiscare Devon.

The band will take to the stage from 1400-1500 and will have a stall afterwards, so do come along and support them at Streatham campus!

jazz trioMeet Jukebox Duo one of the leading Jazz Duos For Hire & Top Wedding Jazz Duo. As their names suggests they command a vast repertoire of over 1000 jazz & swing songs! Bought together exclusively for Elastic Lounge, Jukebox Duo showcase the archetypal piano & double bass & line up guaranteed to bring  an air of sophistication to any event.

Comprising of 2 of the top South West session musicians, Jukebox Duo perform across the UK at the most exclusive venues & events. Recognised as one of the leading Devon Jazz Bands For Hire, this act is highly professional & creative delivering unparalleled flexibility.

The group will be performing two sets at St. Luke's Sports Hall.

Set 1: 1200 - 1245

Set 2: 1330 - 1415

Dylan Frankland, Rosa Day-Jones, Tobias Grace and Katherine Lea present:


“This summer, she comes to my door and tells me she’s been diagnosed with depression and I think to myself –
not this again”

My friend.
My cousin.
My sister.
My step dad.
So, we know what you’re thinking.
It’s going to get real sad and serious from now on.
And you’re not wrong, there is going to be stuff in here that is sad.
And serious.
But don’t worry. We’ve got pork scratchings.
A piece about mental health and offering support.
About not getting it right all of the time.
But trying.

‘Powerful and enlightening’ -Rethink Mental Illness

'The subject matter may appear dense for some and suggests a dark and dreary work would follow. However A Pint Sized Conversation is absolutely not that. It is witty, clever, anecdotal and real, not to mention enthusiastically uplifting.’ - Ask The Ushers

'It’s one of the most informative, effective and inventive pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen' -5 stars, London Theatre 1 



Streatham: 1500-1600

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Sun & Moon Theatre

North Piazza


80 minutes


‘I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it’

 AYLIMoon Theatre’s latest open-air production is an uplifting, wondrous adaptation of Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Within the confines of the corporate, tech-obsessed world of the Court, the present is grinding, life is passing by and the future feels bleak. But when Rosalind is abruptly dismissed by her uncle, rather than despair, she and her cousin, Celia seize the opportunity for a fresh start, assuming new identities and embracing the liberty and joy of the Forest of Arden.


Those who venture to the Forest find rejuvenation in this bohemian world, free of the hardships of their former lives. They experience love, transformation and the delight of empowerment, switching off, and ‘wasting’ time. Fuelled by live music, sharp wit and the giddiness of falling in love, this jubilant ensemble production of As You Like It serves as a reminder to do what you love, abandon stress and remember how to live!


About the company:


Sun & Moon Theatre was founded in 2013 by alumni from the University of Exeter and the Year Out Drama Company. As You Like It’scast includes not only Exeter alumni but current Exeter staff and students! This is their 2nd time performing at the North Piazza, and the Staff Festival marks the beginning of their tour of As You Like It, which will be going to Oxfordshire, Stratford-upon-Avon, Bristol, Exmouth and returning to Exeter at Poltimore House.


Their previous open-air productions received glowing feedback ranging from 'Shakespeare at its most meaningful and enjoyable', to 'I've got to 50 without understanding Shakespeare but I loved it – fantastic’ to 'It made our day' to 'Brilliant performance and music. Can’t wait to see the next one!' (Twelfth Night or What You Will 2017), Wonderful … a joy to watch and a great way to introduce our secondary aged boys to Shakespeare’ (The Two Gentlemen of Verona 2016), to ‘Talented’ and ‘Brilliant’ (The Tempest 2015) to ‘Highly entertaining … full of warmth and humour’ (A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2014) to 'A wonderfully joyous performance' (Twelfth Night 2013).