Performances, Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars

For planning your staff festival, this page gives you information of performances, keynotes, seminars and workshops.  You can also see an overview of these events on the Events Timetable page.



Staff Community Choir Performance‌

Forum, Streatham 1115-1145

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Staff Choir Rehearsal

Although the choir is led by a professional choirmaster, Emma Welton, it is a group that come together just for fun, with no previous singing experience required.  It is part of the Staff Life offering and aims to benefit staff wellbeing and mental health.  They will be performing in the forum at 1130 and offering the opportunity to come and sing together in the Chapel at 1300.




Twelfth Night

North Piazza, 1900-2030

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Synopsis: As the First World War wages on, those at home in Illyria try to forget and seek distraction. But when refugee twins, Viola and Sebastian, are shipwrecked and separated, they shake up this grief-stricken community, resulting in mistaken identity, folly and love.

90 minutes long, free and suitable for all ages! Pack a picnic, bring blankets and chairs, and invite your family and friends for a fun and relaxing evening watching Shakespeare’s most delightful comedy, full of wit, passion and live music. For more information visit Sun & Moon Facebook page.



Fit for Work - Eat, Move, Sleep

Forum Seminar Room 7&8, Streatham 1130-1230

Roy White from Impact International Ltd - A Global Leadership Development Company

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So, how would you like to be at your very best everyday?

Those days when you are “in the flow”; when everything works and you feel great.

So, how would you like to be at your very best everyday? Those days when you are “in the flow”; when everything works and you feel great.

We are constantly bombarded with articles and TV programmes that how much better we should be eating, sleeping and exercising.  The problem does not appear to a lack of information but a challenge to make the changes that we would like to make.  This session will look at some strategies that individuals and organisations are using to manage the growing pressures of the working environment.  This will include both individual and organisation case studies and the chance for participants to undertake a quick self audit



The Shackleton Project - Longevity in Relationships

North Cloisters 12, St Luke's 1215-1315

Prof Anne Barlow and Jan Ewing

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What makes couple relationships last?

The desire to form and maintain mutually fulfilling intimate partner relationships, to slip, as F. Scott Fitzgerald put it, ‘into an intimacy from which they never recovered’ is a central life goal for many. However, maintaining thriving intimate relationships long-term can be hard and relationship difficulties can have a devastating impact on wellbeing. By interviewing couples in their 10th year of marriage who we have interviewed periodically since marriage as well as couples in relationships of 15-30 years’ duration, the Shackleton Relationships Project’s research team hopes to gain valuable insights into what drives thriving, enduring relationships across the life-course. This will inform the development of educational tools to help young people make better choices in this vital area of wellbeing. We will present preliminary findings of the critical elements of thriving intimate relationships.

For more information on the project click here.


Healthy High Performance

Forum Seminar Room 7&8, Streatham 1245-1345

Matt Smeed

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Make a change for your health and wellbeing.

The purpose of this workshop is to inspire you to invest in your mental fitness and resilience to create healthy high performance.

Whether you are working under pressure, facing a time of change or simply looking to invest more in your own wellbeing, healthy high performance holds the key. When people have achieved this state they feel at their best, perform at their highest levels, and most importantly can sustain this over time.

During this 1-hour workshop, business psychologist Matt Smeed will look at the science behind mental fitness and resilience. A range of practical and proven techniques will then be presented and you will leave having committed to one or more healthy habits that you can make stick in the future.


How Office Space Affects Our Mood

North Cloisters 12, St Luke's 1330-1430

Dr Craig Knight

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Health, happiness and productivity from your workspace

Dr Craig Knight has previously shown that designing your own workspace improves health, happiness and productivity. It was time to go a step further and see whether the principle can also be applied to creativity and indeed whether the very act of designing the workspace can be used effectively. Results at the Chelsea Flower show demonstrated how creativity can be increased by 45% through improving the psychological wellbeing and design of a working environment.


Talking Therapies - Why they work for mental health

Forum Seminar Room 11, Streatham 1400-1500

Dr Barney Dunn

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Mental health a positive way forward

Dr Barney Dunn will discuss research on talking therapies, focusing on evidence of to what extent and how they work in clinical depression across the life span. This will showcase depression research conducted in Exeter University. It should also provide insight into how to understand and support individuals suffering from depression.






Alexander Technique

Jenny Skinner - Registered Practioner

Forum seminar room 1&2, Streatham 1200-1300

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Baring Court 128, St Luke's 1400-1500

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Take part in an interactive workshop to find out more about the Alexander Technique and how it can help your health and wellness. Please bring along a few paperback books for head stability in position. Bring a yoga mat, or equivalent, and enjoy treating your back to a ‘recovery’ session

The Alexander Technique is a practical and thorough way of improving muscular use and regaining natural poise and comfort in balance and movement. Lessons can 'free up' breathing, circulation and digestion, help with stress-related conditions and help a person to improve their skills, posture and general wellbeing. Would you like to feel comfortable and energised at work? Would you like to learn how to improve your skills? Would you like to be able to manage physical problems?

Get helpful hints and top tips to help you with your ‘body ergonomics’. Sample some individual hands-on work and get answers to your questions on musculo-skeletal use. Find out more on Jenny Skinner's Website here.


Cultivating Wellbeing, Fulfilment and Happiness - Ideas and Exercises

Forum Seminar Room 5, 1200-1300

Peter Coxon

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Drawing on fascinating and heart warming contemporary research the workshop and associated diary/journal is designed to help you be in your element and live the life you wish to lead.

Forward Thinking, hardback mindfulness journal

Forward Thinking is a 52-week diary to inspire you to write down your plans and hopes, thoughts and reflections on your day, week, month and year. Drawing on fascinating research into wellbeing and happiness, the diary offers ideas and exercises to help you thrive and flourish, to live the life you wish to lead.

You can start the diary on any day of the year, to coincide with a fresh start and a desire to change your life.



Flower Garland Workshop

South Piazza, 1200-1245

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The Quad, 1430-1515

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Come along and create a beautiful flower garland headdress.






Accelerated Mindfulness

Forum Seminar Room 3, 1300-1430

Dr Inma Adarves-Yorno -TEDx Speaker and mindfulness trainer and practitioner.

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Accelerated Mindfulness - Techniques on the Go

In this session Inma will tell you about the science and practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness can help to improve your wellbeing, your capacity to have a clear focus and the way you manage your emotions. You will leave the session with some “Mindfulness Techniques on the Go” and some reflective questions to delve upon.




The Listening Body

Forum Seminar Room 5, Streatham 1430-1530

Anna Casey

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The Listening Body – This introductory somatic movement workshop will explore sensory awareness through the process of listening. Tuning into the internal and external environment through simple movement enquiries participants will have the opportunity to open to what is happening in the present moment.

Anna is an independent movement artist living and working in the South West of England. She holds an MA in Creative Practice: Dance Professional Practice from Trinity Laban. She is also a somatic movement practitioner and educator.


Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation - CPR

Baring Court 220, St Luke's 1500-1600

Ian Stone - Volunteer South West Ambulance Trust

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Make a difference - Be informed

Do you know the basic priniciples of saving a life? Have you got the knowledge to make decisions in an emergency? Come to this sort workshop on CPR to prepare yourself so you know what to do in an emergency requiring CPR. Your new knowledge could save a life!




Dementia Friends Workshop

Forum Seminar Room 8, 1500-1600

Gina Awad

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Come and hear about the biggest ever social action movement Dementia Friends', be inspired, be informed. Gina Awad founded and leads the Exeter Dementia Action Alliance and will be delighted to share this trail blazing initiative. Come along and hear more ... 







School Governor Volunteering

Forum Exploration Lab 2, 1230-1300

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A short 30 minute session on volunteering as a school governor - what it is and how to become one.  A selection of senior colleagues who currently volunteer and governor recruitment chairties will provide information alongside the University's School Governor Staff Group. To find out more about the School Goverbor Staff Group click here.


  • 12:30 - 12:35 Welcome to the seminar and introduction to the School Governors staff open group - Leo de Sousa-Webb (School Governors staff open group coordinator and Vice-Chair of St Christopher's Multi-Academy Trust) - confirmed
  • 12:35 - 12:45 My experience as a school governor - Professor Debra Myhill (Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean and Vice-Chair of the Ted Wragg Multi-Academy Trust) - confirmed
  • 12:45 - 12:50 SGOSS pop-up presentation - George Ward (SGOSS Area Manager and University of Exeter alumnus) - confirmed
  • 12:50 - 12:55 Inspiring Governance pop-up presentation - Eileen Brocklehurst (Inspiring Governance Regional Manager (South West)) - confirmed
  • 12:55 - 13:00 EDBE pop-up presentation - John Searson (Diocesan Director of Education) - confirmed



Sodexo Childcare Scheme

Forum Seminar Room 3, 1200-1230

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Come along to this informative seminar about childcare schemes.  It will provide an overview of childcare vouchers and what is available to you, who can join the scheme, where the vouchers can be used, additional benefits, tax-free childcare and help to join a scheme if you want.




Car Benefit Scheme Seminar

Baring Court 129, 1400-1500

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The University's car scheme offers eligible staff the opportunity to acquire a new energy-efficient car through salary exchange at lower rates than those generally available to members of the public. The scheme has two aims: Employees can drive a new car without having to fund the costs of a capital purchase; and Recognising that for many employees there is no practical alternative to commuting by car, it contributes to the University's sustainability travel plan by encouraging staff to drive energy efficient vehicles. For more information visit the University benefits website here.