Setting up a special interest group

Can't find anything of interest? Why not set up a group yourself?

Who is eligible?

Any member of staff can set up a Special Interest Group on any campus, and, as long as you have enough interest from other staff members, you will also receive FREE Staff Life Plus Membership.

What are the criteria?

  • There must not be a group already running with a similar interest.
  • The group must have a minimum of 6 people interested in joining.

What is involved?

  • Attendance and general running of the group itself.
  • Ensure that those who attend have booked on Eventbrite as this will be used to gauge how well used the group is.
  • Where possible book your own rooms, court or space to run the group. However assistance can be provided where necessary.
  • Provide full details of the group on a regular basis to Staff Life in order to promote the group on our Staff Life webpages, newsletter and in the Weekly Bulletin
  • Funding will be provided for any costs that the group may incur (within reason and must have prior approval).
  • If the group incurs cost, it will only be free to Staff Life Plus members, with non members paying £3 a session. (Or, if it is particularly costly to run, £5 a session). If it can be run for free, it will be free to all staff, regardless of Staff Life Plus membership.
  • Full admin support will be provided wherever necessary in setting up or running the group.

Still interested? Email Staff Life