Kundalini Yoga

Thursdays 12:30 - 13:30

Kundalini yoga is considered to be the most comprehensive of the yoga traditions. It combines meditation, mantra, physical exercises and breathing techniques to induce heightened awareness.

Classes normally consist of a warm-up, a kriya (set of postures), a relaxation and a meditation. Each kriya will have a particular focus and may consist of anywhere between one and 20 postures. It is the sum total of practising the kriya that allows the effects to be felt, rather than the individual postures.

The use of mantra or 'Naad yoga' is an integral part of Kundalini yoga. This focuses the mind and its vibrations resonate deeply within the body, helping to unblock stored emotion and strengthen the circulation of energy through the body. Naad yoga and the use of primal sound are very efficient at clarifying the mind and optimising the ability to reach a state of meditation.

Each class and meditation will work on many subtle levels in the body. The effects are very powerful and changes can be felt by practicing postures for as little as a few minutes. No previous experience of yoga is required for you to achieve results in your very first class. Work wear can be worn as long as its comfortable and easy to move in.

Staff Life Plus members: FREE

Non-members: £3 - Book through the online store


22 Dec: Old Library 135

19 Jan onwards: Old Library 128 except for 23 Feb: Old Library 131


Classes are currently taught by Cassandra Collins

With more than 17 years of yoga practice in Africa, India and the UK, as well as two international certificates in teaching, classes with Cass offer a soulful connection to nature, the elements and our inner tutor (intuition). An instinctive enthusiasm for movement (dance, gymnastics, rock climbing) nutrition and healthy living meant that it was a matter of time before Cass discovered the yogic path and embraced it as a life style. An ever increasing curiosity in humanology is what inspires Cass’ path and played a part in her decision to leave South Africa in 2014 and explore ancestral roots here in the UK. 

Kundalini Yoga As Taught By Yogi Bhajan is Cass' Yoga of choice and she delights in sharing the wisdom of these timeless teachings. Considered the Yoga of awareness it is a style suitable for every body! 

Feel for yourself the transformative power of Kundalini Yoga. It is truly an honour for Cass to be a teacher and a student of Kundalini Yoga. 

‘An attitude of gratitude brings great things'  Yogi Bhajan