"Walking is the nearest activity to the perfect exercise" (Prof Jerry Morris & Adrienne Hardman2017)

Community Walk

Every month we will have a specialist to guide walks around campus and the local area.

Why Walk? Find out more information for your wellbeing from the University's wellbeing focus? Or find out more about walking and your wellbeing below the table!

The confirmed walk schedule for 2018 so far:

MonthWalkSpecialist/ Guide
February The hidden world of leaf litter  Dr Clive Betts
March  Biodiveristy walk  Sam Primrose
April  St Luke's Biodiversity walk  Sam Primrose
May  Bug hunt and bee walk  Dr Clive Betts
June  Secret paths  Gillian Baker
July  Diamond Waterways  Karen Gallagher
August  Pond Dip  Dr Clive Betts

 If you have a suggestion of a walk you would like, you are a specialist or you are happy to guide a walk let us know!

Why Walk?

There are so many benefits to walking! Wakling for Health gives so many great reasons to walk: Healthy bodies, healthy minds, meet new people and preventing illness.

Find out more

Walking works report is making the case to encourage greater uptake of walking as physical activity and recognise the value and benefits of Walking to Health.