Helping colleagues manage and cope with change

Helping colleagues manage and cope with change

Following the last Employee Engagement Survey and recent Pulse Check results, new change management training launched in March. More than 160 managers have attended so far on Streatham and Penryn campuses. This programme focuses on leading through change, helping managers understand the process of change, how they and team members feel, build personal resilience, and develop strategies to support their teams.

Communication and Marketing Services implemented changes to teams supported by bespoke change management training. The Finance team held an away day to discuss the T1 finance system programme. Change management training was held in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences.

One Exeter IT appointed its own change champions who ran regular drop-in sessions for colleagues to ask questions or voice concerns in confidence. Specific change management training was also delivered to support colleagues through the creation of One Exeter IT and a newsletter about the changes was produced.

The College of Engineering and Physical Sciences held Professional Services staff forums at Penryn and Streatham to update and discuss the Transformation Programme. The Business School appointed change agents, who were represented on the Senior Management Team.

Colleagues in Finance, the Business School and the College of Life and Environmental Sciences held workshops looking at their approvals processes to simplify them, or feed into design of future systems.