University level results

Message from Jacqui Marshall (Deputy Registrar & Director of People Services and Global Partnerships)

Overall, responses show you are positive about working here, with 88% of you saying the University is a good place to work. This places us in the top 12% of the 340 public and private organisations recently surveyed by CAPITA.

Your responses also show we are starting to see the impact of the Positive Working Environment programme, particularly in the areas of Voice and Values. This is evidenced by more staff feeling able to voice their opinions and having a clear understanding of expected standards of behaviour. In addition to this, we are seeing a reduction in the amount of staff experiencing instances of discrimination, harassment and bullying.

We have much to celebrate at the University and this is exemplified in the positive scores we received in a number of wide-ranging areas; from the positive feelings you have about your roles and responsibilities to the quality of service you provide and the way you feel we pull together to deliver our goals. Our key areas of strength are outlined below:

• roles and responsibilities
• working environment
• equality and diversity
• job satisfaction
• quality of service
• management
• working together

The key areas you have expressed a concern about are: the effectiveness of senior management communication, recent organisational changes and job security. I believe the launch of the Professional Services Transformation and Release Schemes has contributed to these concerns being expressed so whilst we have many areas to be proud of, the results also tell me that we need to improve the way we listen, manage change and workload pressures.

Many of you submitted free text comments as part of the survey and I know a great amount of thought went into writing this feedback. I would like to thank you for your comments as they will give me a valuable insight into how you feel about working at the University. Themes emerging from your comments have supplemented the action planning process and please be assured, as with the rest of the survey responses, your comments will remain completely anonymous.

Keeping the momentum going

Every College and Service has now created a local action plan called “Positive Steps 2014” and I will be working with the management teams to monitor progress on these local actions and to ensure areas of best practice are highlighted throughout the University.

I would like to thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback by completing the 2014 Employee Engagement Survey.

Best wishes