Effective Resources and Minimising Barriers  

We want to ensure colleagues have the right resources at the right time, and minimise barriers to effective working.

Action plan

1.Wellbeing / stress

Develop a new Colleague Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plan with a focus on the causes of stress.

2. Systems

There is a clear need to improve T1, Video Conferencing facilities, Trent and SWARM. Systems that aren’t in use anymore such as iPams should be closed down.

3. Workload planning

Engage academic colleagues actively in the Workload Planning Tool Project (SWARM), and explore a workload planning process for PS staff taking into account the peaks and troughs of the year.

4. Professional Services navigation

Ensure simple routes to Professional Services with escalation for more urgent matters. Improve generic mailboxes by adding pictures, names and personal signatures to responses from teams using shared mailboxes.

Colleagues who will be steering this action include:

  • Rob Mitchell, Assistant Director, Communications  

  • Prof Dave Hosken, Professor of Evolutionary Biology 

  • Director of College Operations (Hannah Rundles’ replacement) 

  • Prof Barney Dunn, Research Clinical Psychologist 

  • Prof Andrew McRae, Dean of Postgraduate Research and the Exeter Doctoral College 

  • Rob Tinley, Head of Employee Services 

  • Jane Stephenson, HR Business Partner 

  • Christian Carter, Head of Organisational Development  

  • Shades Chaudhary, Communications and Engagement Officer 

  • Holly Ricketts, Business Manager to Director of People Services 

There is also a Staff Wellbeing Sub-Group in place and its membership includes: 

  • Professor Louise Lawrence, Associate Professor in New Testament Studies 

  • Professor Barney Dunn, Research Clinical Psychologist (interim Chair)

  • Dr Rachel Fenton, Senior Lecturer, Law 

  • Karen Marks, Occupational Health Manager 

  • Dorcas Cowen/Russell Thomas. Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing Managers 

  • Alison Davidson, Director of Sport 

  • Katharine Harris, Senior HR Business Partner 

  • Mark Sawyer, Head of Wellbeing Services  


 Christian Carter, Head of Organisational Development, is the lead contact for Positive Working Environment.