Involvement in decision making

We want to increase the opportunity for all colleagues to contribute to decision making.

Action plan

1. Close the feedback loop

When consultation takes place it must be made clear how this has (or has not) been taken into account in shaping decisions. All feedback must be captured and seen to be responded to.

2. Develop a set of Consultation and Communication Principles

Undertake a piece of work to better understand how, when and which topics colleagues wish to be consulted on.  Then draw up a common process and timeframe.

3. Quick web surveys

Run regular 'pulse check' (web) surveys of two or three questions, to quickly assess views on particular topics.

4. College Executive Groups

Improve communication (to and from) CEG meetings with Academic staff.


This plan will be actioned by a steering group including:

  • Dr Matt Owens Solari, Lecturer in Psychology 

  • Prof Adam Watt, Head of Modern Languages 

  • Imelda Rogers, Director of People Services 

  • Shades Chaudhary, Communications and Engagement Officer 

  • Holly Ricketts, Business Manager to Director of People Services 

  • Dr Sharon Strawbridge, UCU Representative 

  • Lynn Stoyle, HR Business Partner 

  • Kirsty Golden, Associate HR Business Partner 

  • Sophie Cowie, Workload Planning Administrator, PPBI 

  • Abigail Dixon, Communications Manager 

  • Professor Jonathan Barry, College of Humanities 

Christian Carter, Head of Organisational Development, is the lead contact for Positive Working Environment.