Great leadership will have a positive impact on all of the themes, and as a result the levels of engagement for all colleagues.

Action plan

  1. Aim for leadership training for all managers within the first six months of starting in role (qualification credit where possible).
  2. Establish a set of Leadership Values/Ethics that reflect the key areas expressed by colleagues in this survey, as well as our University Values.  Use this as a benchmark for the way we recruit and train leaders at all levels.
  3. Prioritise the impact of good ‘leadership’ more clearly as part of the PDR process:
    •  Undertake 360 appraisals for mangers on Grade G and above, including academics with management responsibilities.
    • Undertake Values/Competency Based hiring for senior roles.
  4. VCEG to consult on and share action plan addressing the concerns raised of senior leadership in the survey.
  5. Leaders to prioritise the development and implementation of local EES Action Plans, and keep colleagues informed of progress.

Colleagues who will be steering this action include:

  • Prof IlkeInceoglu, Professor of HR and Organisational Behaviour. 

  • Lorna Barnes, Research and Impact Strategy Manager 

  • Prof Sue Prince, Professor of Law 

  • Prof Richard Smith, Deputy Dean, College of Medicine and Health 

  • Dr Clive Betts, Head of People Development  

  • Holly Hellier, Senior HR Business Partner 

  • Christian Carter, Head of Organisational Development  

  • Shades Chaudhary, Communications and Engagement Officer 

  • Holly Ricketts, Business Manager to Director of People Services 

  • Abigail Dixon, Communications Manager 

Christian Carter, Head of Organisational Development, is the lead contact for Positive Working Environment