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About the Strategy and Security Institute

The Strategy and Security Institute is an interdisciplinary research centre within the College of Social Sciences and International Studies, it is based in Knightley on Streatham Drive.  The Institute is directed by Lieutenant General (Retd) Professor Sir Paul Newton KBE.

The Strategy and Security Institute was formed following several years of professional collaboration between Paul Newton, Professor Gareth Stansfield, and the University's Vice Chancellor and Chief-Executive, Professor Sir Steve Smith, in the areas of Middle East security and international relations.  

Professor Paul Cornish was the author of the MA Applied Security Strategy and also its inaugural Programme Director (2012 - 2014), he has now been appointed as Director of the Defence, Security and Infrastructure Group at RAND Europe and we welcome the arrival of Professor Patrick Porter as Chair of Strategic Studies and Programme Director of the MA Applied Security Strategy who will lead the growing educational elements of the Strategy and Security Institute while remaining active in research. 

The Strategy and Security Institute is both a response to the strategic imperative made stark in recent interventions, and an opportunity to fill the gaps these interventions have uncovered by enhancing the strategic competence of the leaders of the future. In a world with no lack of sources of potential confrontation, and in which the form conflict takes is constantly evolving, the work of the SSI will be highly relevant and policy-focused.

The Institute carries out research, consultancy and teaching in the fields of global security and strategy, particularly relating to how individuals and organisations deal with conflict under intense pressure.

In this article Lieutenant General (Retd) Professor Sir Paul Newton outlines the role the SSI needs to play in an ever changing world for the 2013-14 edition of Exeter, the Magazine for University of Exeter Alumni.


Knightley is the perfect venue for bespoke events: conferences, ‘away days’ or research workshops.  




"The vision for Exeter is very clear;  it is ambitious and will not be realised without action and energy. The Strategy and Security Institute is one of the tangible ways that we are taking the idea of Exeter as the university of choice for the leaders of the future and turning that concept into reality."
Professor Sir Steve Smith, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive


If you have any enquiries regarding the Strategy and Security Institute, please contact Roo Haywood Smith or Debbie Ironside-Smith.

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