Interruption of Studies

An interruption of your studies means a complete cessation of academic work for a specified period. Interruptions are permitted when you are experiencing severe personal or other difficulties which make it impossible for you to continue with your research. You do not pay fees during this period, and the period does not count towards the timeframe for the completion of your degree. Approval for an interruption of study is given by the Dean of College on the recommendation of your supervisor.

The University has a Statement of Procedures for dealing with interruptions to study which can be accessed at the link below. If you are funded by a Research Council, you should be aware that the approval of the Research Council should be sought before seeking the approval of the University.

ESRC: Please note that suspensions can only be considered during the funded period of the studentship. Please contact your College PGR Administrator for advice and more information and refer to the Guidance and information for ESRC-funded students.  NOTE: If a student interrupts their registration after their ESRC funding has finished a suspension cannot be considered. In those instances, the DTC must submit a submission date extension request to ESRC for approval.

For other sources of help (such as Wellbeing services and the Student Guild Advice Unit) please contact the SID.

The University's Statement of Procedures on interruption is accessible from the link below.

Statement of Procedures: Periods of Registration and Changes to Registration Status for Graduate Research Student

If you feel you would benefit from a period of interruption you should discuss the matter with your Supervisor or Mentor.  If they agree that a period of interruption is appropriate you will need to complete the Interruption Form which is found in MYPGR.