Diploma Supplement

Diploma Supplement

The Diploma Supplement (also known as a transcript) is a UNESCO-CEPES, Council of Europe and European Commission initiative aimed at:

• transparency in higher education
• accommodating rapid changes in qualifications
• aiding mobility, access and lifelong learning
• promoting fair and informed judgements about qualification

It is issued as a supplement to the Degree Certificate and provides a description of the nature, level, context, content and status of the studies pursued and successfully completed by the individual named on the certificate.

The University of Exeter Diploma Supplement is free from any value-judgements, equivalence statements or suggestions about recognition, and is issued in English free of charge to all students graduating from July 2005 onwards.

Please click on the following links to view a Higher Education Description for England, Wales and Northern Ireland (from UK NARIC) and a diagram designed by the Europe High Level Policy Forum.

Higher Education Description for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

Diploma Supplement Diagram for England, Wales and Northern Ireland

What information is included in the Diploma Supplement?

Information identifying the holder of the qualification

• University reference number, surname, forename, date of birth, HESA reference number and date of entry to the University of Exeter.
Information identifying the qualification
• Full qualification name, main field(s) of study, classification, date of award and language of instruction.
Information on the contents and results gained
• Programme details including, for each year, the programme title and stage, the mode of study, the individual elements studied with their weightings and marks and details of any prizes and commendations awarded.
• Programme requirements, grading schemes and access to further study.
Information on the level of the qualification
• Qualification level, duration of programme and access requirements. Information on the national higher education system
• Link to information about Higher Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Further information:

The University of Exeter

Information about the University of Exeter:

Programme specifications

Assessment procedures

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Information about the Diploma Supplement, Higher Education in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and UK Bologna promoters.

European Network of Information Centres/ National Academic Recognition Information Centres (ENIC-NARIC)

Information on the Bologna Process, a commitment by 40 countries to reform their higher education systems in order to create convergence at the European level.

Information on the Diploma Supplement and the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).