Emergency Examination Hall Procedures

In the event of a fire alarm or other emergency necessitating the evacuation of the examination room, the following procedure is to be followed:

1. On instruction from the Principal Invigilator all students will cease writing and leave their answer booklets on the desk.

2. Evacuate the examination hall as quickly as possible. Do not stop to collect personal belongings.

3. Leave the building and assemble at the appropriate assembly point  (follow the instructions of the Principal Invigilators or see blue and white 'Fire Action' notices in each building).

4. Do not return to the Examination Hall to collect personal items until advised by the Invigilators that it is safe to do so and until all examination papers have been collected by Examinations Office staff.

5. You will be sent an email within 24 hours confirming the incident and this will be followed within 3 working days with an official email notification giving details of the decision relating to the incident, providing further arrangements if required for that particular examination.