Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my student candidate number?

You can obtain your candidate number for the current academic year from your online iExeter/SRS record.

How do I go about changing modules?

The module change process is controlled by Colleges. It is usually necessary for you to complete a Module Change Form to ensure that the Examinations Office is notified of any changes relevant to the exam timetabling.

Where can I find more information about sitting my examinations?

Full information of the examinations process here at Exeter can be found by reading ‘Guidance for Candidates’, see link on the left hand side of this page.

I think that I have an ongoing specific educational need, what do I need to do next?

You will need to contact Wellbeing Services - AccessAbility, where your requirements will be assessed. If after assessment you are allocated any specific provision in exams these provisions will be readied in time for your exams, provided you have met the published deadlines. Please ensure that you contact the Wellbeing Services - AccessAbility well before the noted deadline on our UG and PGT home page.

Once I had been assessed for specific provision in exams, how long does the provision last?

After being assessed and provision being finalised by Wellbeing Services - AccessAbility you will receive the provision for the duration of your study at Exeter.

I have a temporary injury what do I need to do to be considered for specific provision in my next exam(s)?

You will need to contact Wellbeing Services - AccessAbility, in the first instance where your requirements will be assessed. Please ensure that you contact AccessAbility well before the noted deadline on our UG and PGT home page.

Where can I access past exam papers?

You can find the majority of past exam papers online.

An exam is missing/extra on my timetable, what do I need to do?

You should check with your College Education Support Team that you are correctly registered or de-registered for the module concerned and that the required notification has been submitted to the Examinations Office.

I can’t view my timetable on MyTimetable/iExeter, what should I do?

Please email the Exams Office ( and we will investigate why you cannot see your timetable online; we will then email you back once the problem has been resolved or give further advice.

If I’m ill during exams what should I do??

In the first instance you should contact your College Education Support Team and advise them of your absence. You should also ensure that you obtain relevant medical evidence to supply to your , as soon as you are able. If you are in the exam hall itself please tell one of the invigilators immediately, then send subsequent medical evidence to your College Office.

How do I apply for mitigation?

You should contact your College Education Support Team to be advised of the procedure for applying for mitigation, as it varies from College to College.  Further details on the mitigation process may be found here.

I missed an exam, what should I do?

You must contact your College Education Support Team as a matter of urgency.

I recently took an exam – what are my marks as there is nothing on iExeter/SRS?

It is not the Exams Office but Colleges who have responsibility for releasing marks either via iExeter/SRS or through the College Office.

I want to book/have already booked a holiday during exams what should I do?

University regulations state that all students must be available for the duration of the exam periods which are pulicised on our website from the start of each Academic year. You must speak to your College immediately.

I need a transcript before I’ve been officially awarded, what do I need to do?

You may request an interim transcript (summary of marks obtained for modules completed to date) directly from your College.

The Student Information Desk can only provide a final and official transcript when a student has been awarded a qualification or has completed the necessary paperwork to withdraw from the University

Can I sit my referred/deferred exam overseas??

Further details on sitting referred/deferred exams overseas can be found on the Referred/Deferred Examinations Overseas page.

What are the charges for referred assessments?

Referred examination and coursework assessment charges are currently under review.  Details will be made available on the Referred/Deferred Assessment page, as soon as they have been finalised.

I’m a past student, how do I go about applying for a transcript and how much does it cost?

Details of the transcript application process can be found on the Transcripts page. Current charges are £12 for additional copies.

Does the University of Exeter offer an exam hosting facility?

Regretfully we are currently unable to offer this service.