Permanent and Temporary Study Spaces

We are providing a significant number of new permanent and temporary study spaces to support you during this year’s summer exams.

You asked us for more study spaces close to the Forum and we have now created an additional 302 study spaces – not including those being created in Peter Chalk and Amory whilst construction work takes place.

The Sanctuary will also be available for study this year, as well as the Peter Chalk and Newman buildings. We are also extending access to La Touche café study spaces.

Where can I find the study spaces?

New permanent spaces will be available in the following areas:

  • Forum Library Media Room (-1 level) (24 spaces)
  • Forum Law Library (22 spaces)
  • La Touche café study spaces – 24hour opening during exam revision period and additional power to some tables. (Please note café hours will remain as normal). 

Temporary Study Spaces (after the exams these will revert to normal use) will be available in the following areas:

  • Forum Career Zone (60 spaces)
  • Forum Exploration Lab (60 spaces)
  • Usage of the Sanctuary during exam time (180 spaces)
  • Peter Chalk Seminar Rooms (90 spaces). This is a temporary replication of the study spaces nearing build completion in the Peter Chalk Hub
  • Access to LSI spare study spaces (32 spaces)

Replacement Study Space – Amory

We are creating an exciting new space in Amory which will include a café, new study spaces and Information Point. Whilst this construction work takes place, study space within Amory will be affected, but you will be able to access the 90 seater quiet study space - access externally.

In addition we are providing replacement study spaces in rooms Amory C417 and C501 (89 in total).

When are they available?

All these new study spaces will be available for the start of term, Monday 30 April. We hope to be able to have some ready earlier for those that are planning to return early to study, please check details locally for the additional spaces that will be available from Monday 16 April.  

Quiet Reading Spaces

To provide further support this summer, we are trialling 'quiet reading' spaces. These will be in:

  • Forum Auditorium
  • Newman Lecture theatres

Whilst not a study space, these rooms will offer a quiet space for final preparations before exams. These will be available during the exam period.

Signs will be placed at each study space to clearly show whether the space is for quiet or silent study. When using these spaces please be considerate of everyone using them.