Student academic appeals

You have a right of appeal against academic decisions and recommendations made by Boards of Examiners and Faculty Boards (or Deans acting on their behalf) that affect your academic progress.

Appeals can be made against the following decisions:

  • a formal assessment result
  • a degree classification
  • a decision consequential to an academic failure (e.g. termination of registration)
  • a decision consequential to unsatisfactory academic progress
  • postgraduate research students may also appeal against a decision relating to their registration status, such as transfer to continuation status, change of mode of study, early submission of thesis etc.

It is a principle of the University that appeals cannot be made against the academic judgment of either an internal or external examiner of the University. You can, however, appeal if you believe that this judgment was not made fairly or according to the correct University process.

Full details of the University's Academic Appeals Procedure can be found at the link below, which also contains all relevant Academic Appeal forms i.e.

  • Stage 1 Appeal form
  • Stage 2 Appeal form
  • Appeal  against Unsatifactory Progress form

Academic Appeals Procedure