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We've asked a selection of our students to blog about their life and studies at the University of Exeter, to give you a flavour of what it's like to study here. Our bloggers will be writing about all the key events of their time at Exeter, from essay deadlines to field trips to volunteering activities and much, much more.

You can find out more about our bloggers and read what they each have to say about life at the University of Exeter by scrolling down this page and clicking on their individual blogs. Then why not head over to the Student's Blog and read what a selection of our bloggers have to say about university life.

I’m Imi, a first year who’s recently transferred to combined honours in Classical Studies and English. I divide my time between Exeter (for obvious reasons) and Stratford on Avon, where I regularly get asked if Shakespeare is in by random tourists (context: he was born there), because they want to discuss “his funny writing”…

Things I enjoy are – experimental gaming (bonus points to those who know what that is), photography, drinking copious amounts of tea, and obsessing over cats (I aspire to be the crazy cat lady in the Simpsons).

My blog offers what I try and convince myself is a comedic look into the ups and downs of adjusting to the daily life of an Exeter student (that would be me, if you hadn’t guessed) – most likely I’ll be the only one laughing, though. In a room. Alone. Surrounded by cats.
Imi Groome, BA Classical Studies and English (Combined Honours)

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My name is Lucy Porter, I study Psychology and Italian (Flexible Combined Honours) and I split my time between Margate (home), Milan (my boyfriend's home) and of course, Exeter. I enjoy all sorts of generic activities like travelling, reading, writing and eating, but I also practice Kung Fu in my spare time.

Lacking the student gene, I'm the worst person to drag out for a night on the town but if you need someone to help you make cupcakes then look no further. My blog is for everyone who has ever felt like a fish out of water at university.
Lucy Porter, 2nd Year Psychology and Italian (FCH)

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I'm a recent graduate in Classics from Exeter and I couldn't get enough of Devon, so I've stuck around for a Masters in Ancient Roman Mythology, with a little bit of Arabic on the side. I grew up in Bath, but I pretty much live in Exeter full time now as I work at Timepiece, one of Exeter's infamous bars.

Music is one of my passions and I regularly write about it on A Pocket Full Of Seeds, as well as co-hosting a radio show on the Uni's Xpression FM. You may also catch me hiding around Exeter as part of Hide&SeekSoc which I set up with one of my housemates in 2nd Year.
Tom Oberst, MA Classics

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Hi! I’m Lily Megson and I’m studying Politics and Sociology. Watch this space, you may be reading the blog of your future prime minister! I’m a Yorkshire girl, through and through, as I was born in York and live in Leeds.

As much as I love the North, I love the change of scenery in Exeter. Although I’m hoping Exeter shares the Yorkshire enthusiasm for pies!
Lily Megson, BA Politics and Sociology

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Born in Germany, lived in Holland, Scotland and England, Celtic mother and father a Yorkshireman, I've finally escaped the bustle of Essex for Exeter to study as an English Literature undergraduate. As a 'baby fresher' I intend to soak up every bit of culture that the city has to offer, whilst somehow balancing my social life and reading list at the same time. 

My interests include food, fashion, music and literature (pretty broad, I know). The conventional old adage 'write what you know' seems pretty apt in explaining my interest in blogging; the only problem is, at eighteen, I'm not entirely sure I know anything yet.
Jen Garside, BA English

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I was born in Wales, near the border town of Abergavenny and I'm studying English and History at the Cornwall Campus. I love France and all things French and can speak French pretty well, having done A level French and work experience out there. I adore English Literature, I've written a bit (unpublished, as yet!) and have a huge love of History. I enjoy anything from Ancient Greece to the English Civil War, from the War of Independence to the Somme.

My other great love is music. Being a pianist helps a good deal, and I am a huge fan of the comic-operas of Gilbert and Sullivan.
James Powell, BA English and History (Cornwall)

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Hi there! My name is Cheryl.  I’m a native southern Californian since 1968.  I’ve worked for Disney for the past 10 years after spending 5 years in the film industry. Sometime around July 9, 2003, my life changed.  I saw a movie called “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”.  From that simple, silly start began an ever-increasing interest in all matters maritime. Pirates, ships, merchant sailors, the Royal Navy, the US Navy… everything about the Age of Sail fascinates me. I’ve come as far as I can on my own with maritime history, so it’s time to see what the world of academia can impart. With that in mind, I’ll be attending University of Exeter in the 2012/13 academic year, so I can call myself a true maritime historian. And, with any luck, I’ll find work in my field. If not, there’s always Disney.
Cheryl Jones, MA History

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I'm originally from Scotland. I'm a mature student, having already had a career in Banking and Finance before embarking on a new adventure in education.

I began teaching with a French evening class and never looked back... I have taught, coordinated and managed various courses in the following areas: primary school; adult leisure; post 16 BTEC; AS level and A2; NVQ; Foundation Degree; Foundation pathway for International students; diploma pathway for International students. My main subject is accountancy - but I have been involved in teaching across many disciplines.

I am about to start an MEd in Technology, Creativity and Thinking. I can't wait!
Karen Kenny, MEd Technology, Creativity and Thinking

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My name is Hanna, I’m 29 years old and I’m from a small community of islands off the southwest coast of Finland. So I’m Finnish, but I’m part of the six percent minority of the population whose first language is Swedish. 

I got my BA in Drama and Theatre in 2008 and since then I’ve been working at the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki. At the University of Exeter I’ll do the MA in Theatre Practice and hopefully have time to meet new friends, travel in the UK and see a lot of theatre.
Hanna Åkerfelt, MA Theatre Practice

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My name’s Kate and I’m doing an MA in English and I did my BA here too. Five important things my friends know about me are that:

  • I eat pasta almost every day
  • I have two probably certifiably insane dogs
  • I know most of P G Wodehouse, Blackadder, Hitchhikers Guide, Friends and Frasier by heart and am ALWAYS quoting something
  • I keep an enormous scrapbook which takes up most of any suitcase and therefore I am always keen to keep receipts in restaurants or pick up some memento to stick in
  • I am always listening to music - from Thomas Tallis to Tim Minchin, from Robbie to Adele, from Queen to Led Zeppelin - there’s nothing I won’t listen to

Oh. And one more thing. I have NO IDEA what I want to do with my life, but I’m trying to convince myself that this is ok!
Kate McBride, MA English

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I am Monika Kirova and I am nineteen years old. I come from a small pretty town in South Bulgaria and I am starting my undergraduate studies this year. I am studying LLB Law. Even the name of my future degree makes me thrill - such a mixture of anticipation, excitement, pure interest and a little fear.

This year I graduated from High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics “Ivan Vazov”. I was specializing there in English Language and Informatics – quite different from my current choice, but still important for my personal growth. I am interested in cultures and I spent a lot of time understanding my own culture.
Monika Kirova, LLB Law

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Born in Plymouth during April, I lived in Birmingham for a while where I never started a student band but did complete a degree in English Literature. My interests include: Withnail, Zimmerman, James Joyce, David Brent, Samuel Beckett, Zizek, Scorsese, Powell/Pressburger, shelving units, Dartmoor, Moz, The Beatles, Annie Hall, Poetics, Stewart Lee, Tony Soprano, Nick Cave, Rear Window, Alan Partridge, Dickens, Nabokov, Captain Beefheart, Percy Shelley, Sterling-Copper-Draper-Price, Iannucci and The Decline of British Sea Power. I am currently studying for an MA in English at Streatham Campus. After this I’d like to travel Europe and read a novel by Proust .

When not writing I can feel aching pangs of guilt; when writing I mainly think I should be reading.
George Bextor, MA English

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I’m fascinated by wildernesses and National Parks across the globe, and keen to embrace the challenges and problem solving needed in protecting, studying and conserving the natural world.

My favourite areas of biodiversity include the west coasts of Scotland & Ireland, Yosemite National Park and the Peak District, and before coming to Cornwall to do my MSc I’ve recently undertaken volunteer work for London Wildlife Trust & Cramer Fish Sciences, California.
Luke Meadows, MSc Conservation and Biodiversity

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My name is Jo Hornsey, I'm from North Yorkshire in a little village called Arncliffe and I like cake, rocks and kittens.

Having spent the summer travelling I've found I like that too! I'm studying Geography (BSc) on the Streatham Campus.
Jo Hornsey, BSc Geography

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I'm an Ascot-bred and Wiltshire-raised Drama student with a passion for literature, opera, horses and Paris. I spent my formative years parading the local stages, getting ditched in hedges by naughty Shetlands, and closeting myself in school libraries, as I do occasionally contrive to be serious.

I have an ambition to become an opera singer and am very excited to be at Exeter, living in Holland hall and attempting to integrate into 'planet student' with as little fuss as possible. Given my aptitude for mishap, I suspect this will give me plenty to blog about!
Sofia Tindall-Guignard, BA Drama

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Moving from the home county of Kent to Falmouth to pursue my passions for nature, zoology and photography, having enrolled on the MSc in Conservation and Biodiversity.

I’m a Bristol University BSc Psychology and Zoology graduate (2006) who’s hoping I haven’t forgotten how to study! Sports enthusiast, hockey player and supporter of Harlequins RFC. Looking forward to embracing the life style on offer at Falmouth, despite my minor phobia of water sports!
Hannah Cole, MSc Conservation and Biodiversity

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