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EAIE Conference Toulouse 2024

Global Leaders - EAIE Conference Toulouse 2024

Global Leaders - EAIE Conference Toulouse 2024

Global Leaders - EAIE Conference Toulouse 2024

The Global Leaders Experience will be returning to EAIE in 2024, this time in Toulouse! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join the European Association for International Education (EAIE) in Toulouse for a backstage-pass to their exciting conference from the 14th-21st September 2024.  

Conference theme: En Route!  

A French and English phrase meaning ‘we are on our way’,the 2024 conference theme ‘En Route!’ highlights the energy with which our community is moving towards a brighter future. Actively learning as we go, we are en route’ to a better tomorrow through our individual efforts as professionals in the field and in the ways we identify opportunities and develop solutions as a community. 

What is EAIE? 

The EAIE is the European centre for expertise, networking and resources in the internationalisation of higher education. We are a non-profit, member-led organisation serving individuals actively involved in the internationalisation of their institutions. 

Each year, the EAIE visits an exciting city in Europe and organises a large Annual Conference for 6000+ professionals interested in international higher education.  

How can you help? 

To ensure that our nearly 6000+ international participants enjoy the best conference experience possible in Toulouse, EAIE is looking for several temporary on-site staff members, also known as ‘conference assistants’. Conference assistants are a key part of the conference, performing important tasks ranging from answering participant questions, assisting at registration pods, managing queues and information desks, to assisting speakers, checking badges and gathering data for future conference improvements. 

Conference assistants will be divided into three main groups - a registration team, an information team, and a programme team. There will be a supervisor overlooking each team, and this person will be the first point of contact for the students. See below for more details on the schedule and  

In 2023 the conference was held in Rotterdam, check out our website for more information: EAIE Rotterdam 2023 

We require assistants from Saturday 14th September - 21st September 2024.  

The conference runs from Tuesday 17th to Friday 20th September, with Monday 16th being a registration only day. On Sunday we will do a briefing (From 10:00 to 17:00) and show you around the conference centre. On Monday we might also require assistance with some set-up tasks. 

Teams will more or less work from 07:30-18:00, and the programme team from 8:00 am-18:00pm. On Friday the conference ends at 15:00.Lunch will be provided from Monday – Friday. Water and light snacks will be provided the remainder of the day. 

Due to the number of visitors (we expect more than 6,000 participants from all over the world), registration is always a logistical challenge. We will have self-service machines that will give out the conference badge once a participant scans their confirmation letter. Several students in the registration team will be assisting participants using these pods – to create an overall smooth and efficient experience.

Being proactive, helping those who look puzzled is of essence here in order to avoid queues. Your help will also be needed to manage the flow of people overall in the registration area, to point people to the right locations in the building and to answer general questions. 

The information team, together with the registration team, is often the participants first point of contact at the conference – so making them feel welcome and well-informed creates that all-important first impression and allows people to continue into the event happy!  

The information team is spread throughout the venue, staffing various desks as well as positions where we expect people to have questions. You will be assisting with questions such as: where do I find session x, where is the EAIE stand, where can I get some coffee, what is a good restaurant in town, how do I make an appointment through the EAIE app, etc. Your goal is to become the know-it-all of the EAIE conference.  

The desks and roaming info points are located strategically throughout the venue. Some students might be asked to assist at the desk of our exhibition management partner. 

A total of 170 sessions and workshops will be taking place over the course of 3,5 days. In order for the sessions to run smoothly, we need an assistant at every session room to perform various tasks, for example: badges at the doors (workshops only) assisting speakers, keeping the room tidy, answer participant questions and assisting with room set-up changes. This means you really have your own territory to look after during the event! You will be provided with a more specific brief on your tasks as a programme student on-site. 

The all-around team is in charge of all responsibilities that are not related to the program, information, or registration. You will be assisting all around the venue and every team, with tasks ranging from crowd management, assisting with poster sessions, plenaries, exhibitors, and much more. 

Eligibility Criteria  

  • You will be enrolled as an undergraduate student at the time of the programme.  
  • This programme is open to undergraduate students who meet one or more of the Widening Participation Criteria. We also have a small number of places available to undergraduate international students. 
  • You can travel to and from the UK between the 14th-21st September 2024. 
  • Not currently on a placement year or study abroad. 
  • Have an up-to-date passport with more than 6 months validity from date of return.  
  • Have not exceeded the 90 out of 180 days rule for travel in Europe by the date of the programme. If you are unsure of this please use this calculator. 

Managing Expectations 

  • The global travel sector remains impacted by well publicised strikes, cancellation and disruption.   
  • Please be ready to follow any national or local guidance in relation to travel, such as passport validity for France.If you are an international student, please check in advance visa requirements and costs essential for entry. Visa costs are not covered by the university. We will supply any travel documents required for your application.  
  • You are not currently required toprovide proof of Covid-19 Vaccination to enter France, however, please keep this in mind in case of any changes in the lead up to departure.   
  • Students are expected to travel to and from the UK as part of a group for the trip. 
  • Students will be sharing accommodation. Please see our FAQs for further information. 
  • There will be a pre-departure session which you need to attend ahead of the trip. 


How do I apply?

Applications for this programme can be made HERE. 

Applications close at midnight on Wednesday 8th May 2024.

Further information  

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email the team at  

Participating in the Global Leaders programme has been a real highlight of my university journey so far. As well as meeting and working alongside a diverse team of friendly international students, I have had the opportunity to actively engage in and contribute to some of the international education sessions. This gave me an insight into the importance of international cooperation and how to encourage student engagement. From a personal point of view, being involved in the programme has developed my confidence and communication skills whilst in a supportive learning environment and I would highly recommend the programme to anyone.

Hannah Whitten, EAIE Rotterdam Participant