Regulations for Students concerning the use of motor vehicles in the University campuses

For reasons of both safety and amenity the University has to restrict the use of parking of vehicles, including motorcycles and mopeds, within its grounds. A speed limit of 20 miles per hour must be observed at all times. Our aim is to have clear roadways and orderly car parks, with unimpeded access to all buildings for service vehicles, fire engines, ambulances etc.

1. Application for Motor Vehicle Permits

  1. The Director of Campus Services issues permits with the approval of the Registrar & Secretary. These may be annual permits at a fixed charge or a free ‘authority to park’ badge or a free additional 'authority to park' badge if you have more than one vehicle for use with our reduced staff rate ‘pay and display’ tickets, currently £1 a day.  Applications should be made to the The Car Parking Office, The Information Desk, Level 1, The Forum.  All students who reside in Halls or live within the city boundary: (post codes EX1, EX2 & EX4) are not permitted to apply for permission to park a vehicle on the University Campuses during the times of restricted entry, (between 8am and 6pm hours on weekdays).
  2. If you change your car please return your old permit/badge to the the Car Parking Office, The Information  Desk, Level 1, The Forum, address as above when a replacement will be issued free of charge.
  3. Permits are not required for motor cycles at the present time.

2. Rules concerning the issue of permits

  1. NO vehicles are authorised to enter or be driven on University roadways unless taxed, insured and certified roadworthy in accordance with Road Traffic Regulations.
  2. Permits are issued to individual vehicles and are not transferable. If personal transport is dispensed with, the permit must be returned to the Car Parking Office, Northcote House, Queen's Drive where a refund may be available.  Should you lose your permit please contact The Car Parking Office who will replace the permit free of charge.  If you change your vehicle please return your permit to the Car Parking Office as the address and there will be no charge for a replacement permit
  3. The permit holder will be held responsible for infringements of the rules observed or reported of any vehicle on which the permit is displayed.
  4. The issue of a parking permit does not guarantee that an authorised parking space will be available.
  5. The permit must be clearly displayed in the front windscreen.

3. Permitted car parking areas

  1. It is important to note that student parking on the Streatham Campus is permitted only in the car parks and specified roadside areas. Unless an exception is allowed under the specific direction of a member of the uniformed staff on the University assigned to car parking and traffic control duties. Parking on roadways and access ways, or parking in such a way as to cause an obstruction is prohibited at all times.
  2. Access by vehicles to the University campuses is normally restricted between the hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday, to Friday all year round. Exceptionally the use of car parks may be restricted, or access by vehicles to any part of the University prohibited, at other times.
  3. There is no student parking on the St Luke’s Campus.
  4. During the times of restricted entry the only vehicles admitted to the campuses or allowed to park there will be:

    – Vehicles displaying a valid staff or student permit, or ‘authority to park’ badge together with a valid pay and display ticket. 
    – Vehicles displaying a visitor's hanging permit for the day in question. 
    – Vehicles displaying a Pay & Display ticket for that day having paid the appropriate charge. 
  5. Motor cycles may be parked on the campus and at halls of residence at no charge, at the present time.  Please ensure that they are either left in designated areas or at specific locations approved by the hall management team.  At no time should they be parked as to cause an obstruction or inconvenience to other campus users.

NOTE: All students are NOT permitted to apply for a visitor's permit nor to purchase a Pay & Display ticket if residing within the city boundaries (EX1, EX2, EX4). 

4. The following rules are to be observed

  1. Drivers must comply with the traffic signals and directions of the Estate Patrol or other uniformed staff of the University allocated to traffic control and car parking duties.
  2. Learner drivers may not use the roads and car parks on the University Campuses at any time.
  3. Vehicles with permits may stop for the sole purpose of promptly collecting and discharging goods or passengers at the Main and Goods entrances of University buildings.
  4. Repairs, other than emergency repairs necessary to enable a vehicle to the driven away, may not be carried out within the campuses of the University.
  5. Car Parking spaces are provided for use on a daily basis. Students are not permitted to use the facility to park their cars for prolonged periods of time, unless they reside outside EX1, EX2 or EX4, or seek dispensation - which should be addressed to the Estate Patrol H.Q. Northcote House in the first instance.
  6. Any vehicle left standing continuously within the University for a period of 14 days or more without the permission of the Director of Campus Services may be deemed to have been abandoned and the University may take steps to dispose of it.
  7. The University accepts no responsibility for any loss of or damage to vehicles, left within the precincts of the University, except such general liability as the law imposes on the University as an employer and an occupier of premises.

5. Breaches of car parking regulations - see also 3. Permitted car parking areas

  1. Breaches of the Parking Regulations by students will normally be dealt with by fixed penalty for the third offence. Any further offences will entail additional fines by the Director of Campus Services and may also include clamping of the vehicle, the removal of the offender's permit, and the payment of outstanding fines before release.
  2. Breaches of the Parking Regulations by students in possession of invalid permits and/or flagrant disregard for the rules may result in more severe disciplinary action.
  3. Students who continually break the rules may be called before a University Disciplinary Committee, which will have power to impose more severe penalties.
  4. Students who do not pay a fine within the period notified may be required to surrender their permit for the remainder of the Academic year. An additional penalty will be imposed where a permit is not surrendered within the period notified.
  5. Vehicles parked on the Estate without a valid permit during the hours of restricted entry, and vehicles parked in a dangerous or obstructive manner at any time in contravention of para 3c may be clamped or impounded.
  6. The University reserves the right to remove any vehicle in the interest of preventing damage, injury to persons, property or vehicles.

David Allen
Registrar & Secretary
September 2011