Ransomware attacks affecting Windows devices

A message from Alan Hill, Chief Information and Digital Officer

Dear Staff and Students,

You will have seen considerable media coverage about a ransomware attack, affecting Windows devices, that has spread across the world and is escalating.  Exeter IT has taken all possible steps to safeguard our computers, servers and data.  To help protect the University and yourself, it’s very important that you do the following:

Don’t open links or documents in an email if it looks suspicious or you are not expecting it.  Remember that an email address can be spoofed and look like a familiar sender.

If you get a ransomware demand on your device, disconnect it from the network cable or WiFi (to protect others) and contact SID at 0300 555 0444 or SID Online.

For your personally owned device:

  • Run Windows Update
  • Make sure your antivirus product is up to date and run a scan – if you don’t have one then install one of the free trial versions from a reputable vendor
  • If you have not done so before, this is a good time to think about backing up important data – you can’t be held to ransom if you’ve got the data somewhere else

More information can be found at these websites.