Appeal Procedure for Assessing Fee Status as an Applicant

In the event that an applicant to the University of Exeter wishes to appeal against the application of tuition fees, an appeal must be made within 28 days of the University’s original decision (or the offer letter of a university place being issued) and prior to registration with the University. A request for appeal can be made by the applicant or their nominated decision maker and should be made in writing to the Head of Admissions and UK Student Recruitment.

If an applicant disagrees with the fee classification made by the University of Exeter following completion of a fee assessment form, then they have the right to appeal.

An appeal should only be made if

  • Additional material evidence to show why the fee classification is incorrect has been provided; or
  • The applicant feels their assessment has not been treated in a fair or consistent manner, or in line with official regulations

Appeal Panel

This will consist of at least three members of staff:

  • The Head of Admissions and Student Recruitment (or member of staff acting on their behalf), a member of staff from Admissions who was not involved in the original assessment and a member of staff from Financial Operations
  • The panel members should assess the fee status independently and then meet to discuss their findings
  • The appeal should be held in a timely manner
  • The decision will then be communicated in writing to the applicant, by the Head of Admissions (or member of staff acting on their behalf)