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For more information on PGCE funding visit the NCTL website.

Funding for PGCE Students

Loans and Grants

PGCE students can apply for loans and grants in the same way as an undergraduate student. For more information on how to apply please visit our Applying for Financial Support page.

PGCE Exeter Bursary

The University of Exeter is offering a £500 bursary to all UK students studying for a PGCE with us in 2013/14 or in 2014/15, whose household income is £25,000 or less. There is no separate application procedure for this bursary. Instead, the University of Exeter makes an assessment using the household income information provided by the student's funding body (e.g. Student Finance England). Students must make sure that they and their sponsor(s) have given consent for details of their application to be shared with the University of Exeter. This consent to share is requested during the application for financial support, but can be given at any time throughout the year by contacting their student funding body.

Students who have not applied for financial support, or who have applied but chosen not to be means tested, are unable to be considered for this bursary until they do.

The PGCE Exeter Bursary for 2013/14 will be paid in one instalment on Friday 1 November 2013, or thereafter within 10 working days of confirmation of your household income. The PGCE Exeter Bursary for 2014/15 will be paid in one instalment on Friday 31 October 2014, or thereafter within 10 working days of confirmation of your household income. Notification of eligibility for the bursary will be given after registration is completed.

Details of the PGCE Exeter Bursary for 2015/16 will follow shortly.


National College for Teaching & Leadership Bursary (NCTL) 2014/15

In addition to the tuition and maintenance support described above, the National College for Teaching & Leadership (formally known as the Training Agency) offers further financial incentives and support to offset the costs of PGCE training for some subjects. In 2014/15 bursaries are available for Home and EU trainees on eligible postgraduate courses in England. Bursary amounts will vary depending on teaching subject and degree class.

The 2014/15 bursary scheme recognises exceptional achievement outside of degree results and allows flexibility in some cases. In exceptional circumstances trainees may receive a higher bursary than their degree class would otherwise allow. This allows the scheme to take account of, for example, trainees with a 2:2 and a PhD or proven exceptional subject knowledge gained from another career.

The information below summarises the standard training bursaries available in 2014/15:

ITT Specialism

Physics*, Mathematics*, Chemistry*, Computing*, Modern Languages
Trainee with First - £20,000
Trainee with 2.1 - £15,000
Trainee with 2.2 - £12,000

Other priority secondary specialisms and all primary specialisms(1)
Trainee with First - £9,000
Trainee with 2.1 - £4,000
Trainee with 2.2 - £0

General science and non-priority secondary specialisms
Trainee with First - £0
Trainee with 2.1 - £0
Trainee with 2.2 - £0

(1) Biology, English, Geography, History,  Classics, Latin, Greek, Music, Design and Technology and  Primary mainstream postgraduate ITT courses attract £9,000 bursaries for trainees with a first and £4,000 for trainees with a 2:1.

* Trainees who successfully gain scholarship award in these subjects (with degree classifications 1st or 2:1) and satisfy all other criteria will receive an award of £25000.

**Trainees on the Direct School Program who spend the majority of their time (more than 50%) in a school with 35% or more pupils in Free School Meals will receive 25% uplift to their bursary award.

Visit the Department of Education site for full details on NCTL Bursaries for 2014/15 entry.

How to apply for the NCTL Bursary

There is no formal application procedure for the bursary but in order to receive payment, you must register for your course and provide details of your nominated bank account. You can do this after you have registered through the University’s on-line Student Records System. Nearer the time for registration you will be sent details of how to do this by the Admissions Team. As part of the registration process, you will be asked to accept the University's terms and conditions which will include the terms and conditions for receipt of the NCTL Training Bursary and you will be advised on the Bursary you appear to be eligible for and the payment dates. A copy of the ITT Teaching Bursary Terms and Conditions for 2014/15 will be available shortly.

You will receive your first bursary payment in October, as long as you have provided your bank account details.  Subsequent payments will be made according to the dates stated on the payment schedule. Payments are normally made in 10 instalments as follows.

Date £4,000


25% Uplift



25% Uplift



25% Uplift



25% Uplift


£25,000 &

25% Uplift

03/10/2014  £400 £500 £900  £1,125  £1,200  £1,500  £1,200  £1,375  £1,400  £1,700 
07/11/2014  £400 £500   £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £1,200   £1,375   £1,400   £1,700  
05/12/2014  £400 £500  £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £1,200   £1,375   £1,400   £1,700  
09/01/2015  £400 £500  £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £1,200   £1,375   £1,400   £1,700  
06/02/2015  £400 £500  £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £2,700  £3,875  £4,400  £5,700 
06/03/2015  £400 £500  £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £1,200   £1,375   £1,400   £1,700  
10/04/2015  £400 £500   £900  £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £1,200   £1,375   £1,400    £1,700 
01/05/2015  £400 £500  £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £1,200   £1,375   £1,400   £1,700  
05/06/2015  £400 £500  £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £1,200   £1,375   £1,400   £1,700  
03/07/2015  £400 £500  £900   £1,125   £1,200   £1,500   £2,700  £3.875  £4,400  £5,700 

 If you are thinking of withdrawing from your course or interrupting your studies, you must inform your College immediately as you will no longer be eligible to receive the bursary. If any bursary payment is received after your last day of attendance the University will request an immediate repayment as the funds have to be returned the NCTL.

If you interrupt your studies and return at a later date, you will only be eligible for the portion of bursary not already received.

International Students are not eligible for the training bursary. Payments made before eligibility has been properly assessed are made on a provisional basis and may be subject to repayment.

If you have any enquiries regarding the Teacher Training Bursary, please contact the Student Information Desk on 0300 555 0444 (UK callers) or +44 (0)1392 724724 (International callers) or