For other subject specific scholarships awarded for academic merit, personal achievement or intellectual ability, visit the Scholarships web pages for further information.

National Scholarship Programme and Bursaries

The University of Exeter provides additional funding to certain full time Home or European Union students in the form of the Access to Exeter Bursary and/or the National Scholarship Programme. These schemes are structured in varying ways depending upon your year of entry. Thereafter we base our provisional assessment upon your household income following your registration.  The household income is provided to us by the relevant Student Finance body once you have been successfully means tested, as long as you and your sponsors all give permission to share the information.

If you are living outside the EU then you will need to visit the funding pages for International Students.

If you are a part-time undergraduate student then you can find out more information on what student support packages are available to you by visiting Part-Time Students.

Otherwise, to find out what you could be entitled to for the duration of your undergraduate study, click on your start date below for more information:

For further information please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section in the Student Information Desk or look specifically at the National Scholarship Programme 2014/15 or Access to Exeter Bursary 2014/15.

Terms and Conditions

Please visit our Terms and Conditions for further information on the National Scholarship Programme and Access to Exeter Bursary.