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National Scholarship Programme Fee Waiver 2012/13

The National Scholarship Programme (NSP) Fee Waivers will be available to UK* and EU undergraduate students, starting their studies in 2012 or after, whose household income is £25,000 or less. 

The information of this scheme applies if you are starting your studies in September 2012.

The key features of the scheme are:

  • It is open to UK and EU undergraduate students starting their studies in September 2012.
  • If you are eligible for the full £3,000 fee waiver, you can opt to receive £1,000 if this as an NSP Bursary Award which will be paid into your bank account
  • You will continue to receive an NSP Fee Waiver for each year of your course, provided that you continue to meet the eligibility criteria
  • If your course involves a year abroad or placement year, you will receive a fee waiver for this year paid in proportion to your tuition fee

*From 2013/14, Welsh students are no longer eligible to receive a National Scholarship Programme Fee Waiver due to the funding they receive from the Welsh Assembly.

How to Apply

You must apply for financial support from the relevant UK funding body. In your application you must give consent for details of your household income to be passed on to the University of Exeter. We will use these details to assess your eligibility for the NSP and contact you if you are eligible.

If you are an EU student currently living outside the UK, you will need to apply to Student Finance England. If you have applied for a tuition fee loan you will then automatically be sent an 'Higher Education Bursary Application Form' (EU17B) which will be used to assess your household income.  If you are not applying for a Tuition Fee Loan then you should contact Student Finance England and ask them to send this form to you.

Part-time students who wish to apply for the scheme should contact us and request an application form.

How your Tuition Fee Loan is affected

If you receive an NSP Fee Waiver, the amount of tuition fee that you are liable for will be reduced. If you are taking out a tuition fee loan to cover your fees the University of Exeter will contact the Student Loans Company so that the amount of this loan is reduced. If you require a loan to cover the full amount of your fees, we advise you to request the maximum available loan when applying for student finance.

Changes to Household Income

If your household income changes during the year this may affect the amount of NSP Fee Waiver that you are entitled to. If there is a significant reduction in your household income you should contact your funding body and ask them to reassess you. It is possible that your NSP entitlement will increase. If your funding body notifies the University of Exeter that your household income has increased, then your NSP entitlement may be reduced or withdrawn. This could result in you having to pay back any NSP Award that has been paid to you.


Terms and Conditions

For further information on our bursary schemes, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section in the Student Information Desk (SID) or see our Terms and Conditions.