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National Scholarship Programme

Information for 2013/14 Entrants

This information applies to students who will be starting their studies in September 2013.

The key features of the scheme are;

  • It is open to UK* and EU undergraduate students starting their studies in September 2013.
  • All eligible students will receive a fee waiver of £2,000*. You will also receive a bursary, the size of which will depend on your household income**.
  • You will continue to receive fee waiver and bursary for each year of your course provided that you continue to meet the eligibility criteria
  • If your course involves a year abroad or placement year, you will receive a fee waiver for this year paid in proportion to your tuition fee

*Welsh students are not eligible to receive the fee waiver element of the NSP but are still eligible to receive the NSP Bursary.
** for further details on how household income is asessed, visit the Directgov website.

The household income thresholds and NSP Fee Waiver and NSP Bursary amounts for 2013/14 entrants are:

Household IncomeNSP Fee WaiverNSP Bursary    
£16,000 or less Tuition fee reduction of £2,000  £2,650
£16,001 to £20,000 Tuition fee reduction of £2,000  £1,600
£20,001 to £25,000 Tuition fee reduction of £2,000  £1,050






Payment of the NSP Bursary

The NSP Bursary will be paid in three termly instalments. Exact amounts and dates can be found by looking on the household income for 2013/14 page.

Terms and Conditions

For further information on our bursary schemes, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section in the Student Information Desk (SID) or see our Terms and Conditions.